vrijdag 14 december 2012


Day 149, el Lunes 10 de Deciembre 2012 15:00
About something else then my life here, about something important.
A recent study shows that Costa Rica is the most corrupt country in Central America, with 56 points from a scale from 0 to 100, 100 the most corrupt. I choose Costa Rica because it was ‘the less corrupt and best country in Central America’.
I still Costa Rica is the best country to be in for an exchange year in Central America. The people are amazing, the country is amazing and the language is awesome. But over the last years Costa Rica changed, the prices went up and the exchange rates down due to the economic crisis in the United States.
I also asked a lot of people what they think about the current president, Laura Chinchilla. Every single one of them answered me that she is the worst they have ever had. They tell me that she doesn’t do anything for the poorest and that money disappears into nothing. I don’t know if this is true, I doubt it but I cannot judge about anything, I only analyze what people tell me.
A month ago a new law was accepted, anybody who would accuse the government of being corrupt will be prosecuted. This led to a lot of anger among the Costa Ricans, which is understandable since it is a direct hit to the freedom of speech. There were some protest in San José, some peaceful, others with a lot of police violence.
I think that the new law is very bad, and I do not understand how this law came through. But I also think that some people here just see themselves to big. Because of the globalization they get to see the advanced life and infrastructure of Europe and North America, and they want that as well, which is totally understandable. But Costa Rica is a country in transition and they will get there, but have to work hard and they need a very good government to get there.
ou want to know more about the situation in Tibet or help them please check:

We just had a surprise birthday party for my host dad, with some family members. My uncle Geylor brought a BBQ so there was enough food and Coca-Cola. This was the first time we had a party at my house and I liked it a lot! I gave my dad a lottery ticket for his birthday, number 18; my lucky number! We ate and laughed a lot, mostly about the cow story of yesterday, I will hear that a lot of times I think.
Tomorrow I will go to San José and from there to Limon! So I won’t write until Friday. It will be a great tomorrow!

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