dinsdag 31 juli 2012

First days


Camp & my birthday has been so great so far! The food is really good & the people (natives & students) are really very nicee!

On the first day we had like an introduction and some spanish lesson, in the evening its just chillen in the rooms and getting to know each other, besides playing soccer and being addicted to the little wi-fi there is. I don't get much sleep, because of the jetlag, i wake up early and sleep late..

The second was just spanish lessons, in the freetime again soccer, this day I knew a lot of names and we really got to know each other, staying up late and just talking about homecountries, host-families & Costa Rica. Still jetlag..

3rd day, we had some more spanish level, in the afternoon it was shopping time, we went to the mall and the movies, what i espacially noticed is the amount of armed guards, but they're nice. Also i getscrewed over in Europe, here the CRC & € ratio is way better. I stayed up untill twelve and we celebrated my birthday, after that I slept outside in the grass for an hour, then I got to bed in prepatation of my Birthday.

So this morning on the fourthday it is my birthday, after a small breakfast, we got to the buss on our way to the vulcano. We went with the buss, with a really funny driver, it turned out not to be a hike, we just went all the way up, the vulcano was amazing, there was 1 big field of ashes, and an other crater with a sorta lake in it, we couldn't go down but we got some nice pictures, also like a 100 group pictures, but it was awesome. I just 1 of the real good camera's and now im in love with these camera's. After the vulcano, we went lunching in a sort of Coffe farm, the food was great again, but the Coffe just WOW! The plants were 50 meter away from us and the coffe was serverd like in a sack of beans and they just pour water through it right at the table. Around the restaurant there was a really really nice mini-jungle, the plants just grow so big, to bad my camera's battery already run empty. After that we went to somne churches and ruins, also very nice, we chilled a while on the square in front of the cathedral in Cartago with some police men, get some nice pictures on the motercycle but not with my camera. When we returned to the camp we had dinner, at the cafetaria people brought in a HUGE cake for me and the other birthday girl, the EF staff did that for us, that was very very sweet! It has been the birthday so far in my live! 

About the food and stuff, you always get rice & beans with some else but it is nice, for breakfast they eat cereal, eggs and fruit, about the fruit, it is the best, we always have fruitjuice at breakfast made from fruit i've never heard of, also its really cheap, i got a kilo banana's for 30 cents. The people also are really nice, they always wave and be friendly!

The first 4 days we're already amazing, Realizing that there are 324 days left, this must be the most amazing year of my life.

Photo's will be on FB, ill write again in a week, saturday ill go to my host-family and monday starts school,

TTYL, and hang on dutchies, your weather wll be better!

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