woensdag 5 juni 2013

The last post.

Day 327, El miercoles 5 de Junio 2013 23:30
The last days.
vandaag is dé dag, niet meer over 8 maanden, niet meer ow nog 4 maanden, niet meer pas over 1 maand, niet meer een paar weken, ook niet een paar dagen. vandaag is de dag, vandaag vertrek ik naar het mooiste land op aarde voor het beste jaar van me leven, en dat zal ik nooit meer vergeten. Ik zal jullie missen, for the greater good..
This is this exact text I wrote 327 days ago. In English:
Today is the day, no more ‘in 8 months’, no more ‘oh still 4 months’ no more ‘one more month’ no more just a few weeks, neither a few days. Today is the day. Today I leave to the most beautiful country on earth for the best year of my life, and I will never ever forget it. I will miss you for the greater good.
Right now I am 327 days further and again it isn’t months, or weeks, or days anymore. But besides 327 days further I also got further in my life.
Actually I don’t know what to write. I have thought about this moment so much. So many inspirational texts have circled through my head the whole year. But actually I don’t know what there is to say now. There are now words to explain what an exchange is. Nobody can ever understand an exchange until you have gone on one. And when you’ve gone on one you can barely understand your own, and understanding somebody else’s exchange is impossible. So many things happen in one year, even though when you’re not on an exchange. Imagine what happens when you live in a different country, a different culture, family, friends, different everything; nothing is the same. Besides all this a year has also passed and a year is a lot of time. This year has changed me a lot, I can’t describe how and what, but I know it, I feel it.
I could continue telling you how much I loved Costa Rica, how much I’ve learned and how much I changed  but as I’ve said a million times before; it is impossible. I will keep the stories for in The Netherlands to tell them and show them the photos.
I will only leave you guys this poem I just wrote, as last post from Costa Rica.

Ella está viendo mi espalda                                              She is looking at my back,
Ella tan bonita ahora esta tras de mi.                                She is so beautiful, behind my now.

Costa Rica mi hermoso país,                                             Costa Rica, my beautiful Country,
Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica.                                   Costa Rica, Costa Rica, Costa Rica.

Ella no puede ver adelante,                                              She cant look forward,
Por que ella ya pasó.                                                       Because she now has passed.

Orotina, mi bella Orotina,                                                 Orotina, my beautiful Orotina,
Orotina, ese lugar tan tranquillo                                        Orotina, this place so chilled.

Ella esta llena de recuerdos,                                             She is full of memories.
Ella es tan linda.                                                              She is so beautiful.

Costa Rica, me enamoré de ti.                                          Costa Rica, I fell in love with you.
Tica linda, me enamoré de ti.                                              Cute Tica, I fell in love with you.

Ella me enseño todo,                                                       She teached me everything,
Ella me dío la vida.                                                             She gave me life.

Orotina, El parque, el río,                                                 Orotina, the park, the river,
Orotina, me esperarás?                                                    Orotina, will you wait for me?

Ella me cambío,                                                               She changed me,
Ella me hizo.                                                                   She made me.

Costa Rica, playas y bosque,                                            Costa Rica, beach and forest,
Costa Rica, Ticos y pinto.                                                 Costa Rica, Ticos and Pinto.

Ella por siempre en mi corazon,                                        She for always in my heart,
Ella por siempre en mi mente.                                             She for always in my mind.

Orotina, Batidos y mangos                                               Orotina, smoothies and mangos,
Orotina, mi hogar.                                                              Orotina, my home.

Ella soy yo                                                                      She am I,
Yo soy Ella.                                                                     I am Her.

Costa Rica es mi,                                                             Costa Rica is me,.
Costa Rica es todo.                                                          Costa Rica is everything

Adelante está lo demas,                                                   Ahead is the rest,
Adelante es adonde yo voy ahora.                                       Ahead is where i am going now.

Costa Rica te amo,                                                          Costa Rica I love you.
Costa Rica te extrañaré tras de imaginación.                      Costa Rica I will miss you beyond   
Orotina te amo,                                                               Orotina I love you,
Orotina, siempre estarás en mi corazon.                            Orotina you will always be in my heart.

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