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The last tour.

Dia 321, el Viernes 31 de Mayo 2013 16:31
The last tour.
Something what I wanted to do was traveling in Costa Rica, and I did it, way more as I could even imagine. After all those tours, trips and mini-holidays I had my last one this week. It was a self-service EF-tour.  EF booked a hotel in Samara for a cheap price and the rest was our business; a perfect way of doing cheap trips I think.
The trip begun, just like some other trips in Valentina’s mansion. After some searching I found the mansion and I was welcomed by Vale her nice family again. We went to a big mall, pretty much just to go there and to eat. The eating was completed pretty well and we filled our bellies with international snacks. I haven’t been to malls that much but I don’t care about that so much either. In the evening some friends of ours come over at the mansion to chill, we spent to night in the pool, we ate pizza and we watched a movie, and as always; we chilled. It was a nice and easy night, too bad it was also the goodbye to some fresh but already very good friends.
The next day we took the bus from San José to Samara, we didn’t buy tickets so it was standing up for 5 hours again. The bus ride was bad but not thát bad, we switched sitting down on the floor with standing up and after a tiring 5 hours we arrived in Samara. We got installed in our hotel, and we headed straight for the beach. It was a nice afternoon swim on the for west end of the beach so we didn’t see that much of the beach yet. We ate our dinner in a cheap ass soda and the price indicted the quality. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the pool. It was nice to catch up with some old friends again with whom I pretty much lost contact during the year. It is amazing to share our stories like this at the end of the year.
The next day was the first real beach day! Samara is a very nice beach; it is a nice bay with a 3-4 kilometer long white-sand beach. The town looked pretty touristic, more touristic is I expected actually. But it is low-season so the amount of tourist was okey.  We got settled at the beach after a nice pancake with maple syrup breakfast. We wanted go surfing but the waves were too small so we decided to do kayaking; a very good decision. The kayaking was great; we set the route out along the beach, past the reef and to the island. It took us a bit longer as we expected but after conquering the big waves we arrived at the post-card island. At was a perfectly white small beach with loads of tiny crabs. We rested for a few moments but we went back quickly to arrive on time to return the kayaks. After the kayak tour we got pretty hungry so we headed for cosechas to fill our tummies. Soon it started raining and we headed back for the hotel and there we chilled in the pool while it was raining.
It kept on raining for ours so after waiting for ours we decided to call a cab to go to a restaurant. We found this place where it was ‘Taco Tuesday’ and well, you can’t say no to that. While waiting for our food it was still raining and the water level was raising so much that the employees started to get the water in front of the entrance away with some buckets so it wouldn’t enter the restaurant. I felt like helping them because they were working for us, in the streaming rain (going from the kitchen to tables and back was outside) and now that had to do this as well. So after 5 minutes of watching them I took my shirt of, grabbed a bucket and started helping them under laud applause of the other guests. After 15 minutes of working like a horse my tacos were ready and I rested, soaked by the rain and I enjoyed my lovely tacos. Later Vali, Henry, Emilie and me went to another restaurant while the other went away to the hotel. Here we ate some nice patacones in peace, escaping the chaos of the big group.
The last day already arrived very quickly and that day was used in a good way. We hired some bikes and went to playa Carillo on bike. It was a a nice bike ride and the beach was even nicer, way nicer as Samara for sure. It was a smaller bay with perfectly white sand and sprinkled with palm trees. The best thing about the beach was that it isn’t urbanized at all. There were a few small houses and that’s it. No resorts, no hotels, no nothing there was only a small pulparia. Those are the beaches that I love most, the small quieted and deserted beaches. We chilled a while on this beach, we took some group photos and we went back before it would start to rain. Back in Samara I went to the art store and I got a henna tattoo. I have been thinking about a tattoo even before coming to Costa Rica and I always wanted to bring a memory with my from Costa Rica, to remember it forever. A henna tattoo only last 2 weeks though but I’ll probably make it for real when I am in The Netherlands again. I got ‘Tuanis’ and the inside of my left foot, Tuanis means good and chill in the Costa Rican Spanish; it symbolizes my year in Costa Rica.
The rest of the day we chilled around the hotel and in the evening we went out to eat again, we found a nice restaurant and ate in peace. It was a nice and relaxed dinner; it was the last dinner with my two best friends Henry and Valentina as well. We stayed in the restaurant for long talking and when they were closing up we decided to go back to the hostel. We stayed up really late talking and finally fell asleep for a short night of sleep.
After this short but strength regaining sleep we rushed everything and we got to the bus. Here it was time to say goodbye to Henry, Henry if you read this: you are a really good bro and I will miss riding the brollercoaster so much, but we will ride again my friend, we will ride again. Later on in the bus ride it was time to say goodbye to Valentina. It was very hard saying goodbye to her for the second time since we thought we said goodbye one week ago. Vale if you read this: I love you a lot and I am thankful for all our adventures together, I will miss you a lot!

And that was my last trip, it was a very nice and relaxing trip, a good way to say goodbye to some of my friends. During these days my double feelings about going home kind of flipped over and now I am very excited about going home soon, I actually can’t wait! I will love to see my family and friends again, my house, my city, my culture, the food; everything. It is all waiting for me! I accepted it, my year is over and it has been epic. The best I have done in my life for sure! There is nothing to compare with it. I know I will be very sad about leaving when the moment is there, and when I will be in The Netherlands, but for now it is just enjoying!

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