zondag 2 juni 2013

Last saturday: working on organic market!

Day 323, Sunday 2nd of June 2013 8:27
More goodbyes.
Friday I returned to school after a week of absence and I always love coming back to my school again. The school day was pretty normal, I got the photos of the photo shoot we did a few months ago. I gave a lot of my friends a small photo to keep with them as a memory, I also wrote all small texts on it; it made loads of memories come up.
In the night there was the goodbye party of taekwondo. All my friends, all the little kids, and all the parents of the little kids arrived at the party and quickly the salchichon and the carne asada was being prepared on the grill. On the meantime I put on my taekwondo suit and the teacher awarded me with the blue belt, there was no exam I showed enough the day before when we were practicing. The rest of the evening I spent talking and chilling with my friends of taekwondo. They are very good friends and I can talk to them about everything; I didn’t really expect to find such good friends here.
Taekwondo has become a really big part of my life here, and my life in general. A new a sport was not on my ‘to-do-list’ or in any of my plans. But it was a very god decision to do it, and I am very thankful to my friend Chino for that. Taekwondo opened a new world for me, in never considered Martial Arts something for me but now I know that it is for everybody. Taekwondo made me more secure and gave me more self-confidence. But most of all it is importance that it gave me friends. Note for my-self: you want friends? Get into a sport. I hope I will be able to continue with taekwondo in The Netherlands!
Yesterday was a very different day, full of unexpected and fun things. In the morning I went to Jaco with an uncle and my hostbrother, this time not to surf, no this time to work. My uncle goes every Saturday morning to an organic market in Jacó in I asked him to help him. It was a very nice and small organic market, but the amount of gringos which arrived was incredible. My uncle sold top-quality organic products such as mangos, papayas and avocados. I went to past amounts of souvenir stores to buy souvenirs to bring home. Later we went past playa Hermosa to see a surf tournament but that wasn’t really something.

In the night I went to a video game tournament in a private in Orotina to chill there with some friends. I didn’t participate but had fun with my friends there. There were some people from my school with whom I didn’t really talk that much but I did this night and I think that they could be really good friends of mine, to bad I have only 4 days left. That is a feeling I have been living for the last days: ‘what the hell does it matter?’ I am leaving in a few days so why should I care about this or about that? These thoughts go away after a few seconds of logical thinking, I don’t want people to remember me as some kind of douchebag and I really care about the people here. 

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