zaterdag 25 mei 2013

The beginning of the end

Dia 315, el Sabado 25 de Mayo 2013 23:20
The beginning of the end.
The end now really is near. These days have been days of doing things for the last time and I even had my first goodbye party already.
On Tuesday I went to Chino’s house last time to watch a movie and chill a bit, I loved being there; as always. Wednesday I went to school just to ‘make’ some exams and I spent the whole afternoon in the park with my friends. I had a dinner in Esparza in the night as a closing event of EF, another thing which indicates that it really is the end. Thursday was a wonderful day; I woke up early and walked the Chompipe Mountain with my hostmom. It was a beautiful walk and it was very nice to spend some time with my hostmom. We got all wet by the rain on the way back and after I had a quick shower I took a delicious nap with the rain streaming outside; the best naps there are. In the night I had a futsala game with my hostbrother and I must say that I played pretty good, I was the goalie and I saved our time a few times. We won 14-8 and ate some tacos afterwards; overall Thursday was a wonderful day.
Yesterday we went to the University in Heredia with school, while I was there I noticed that I have already been there on the very first days of my year, it is beautiful to realize something like that, and it also indicates how fast the time really went. It was a fun day just vasilando with my classmates.
Today was my first goodbye party; it was the party of the family of my host mom’s side, the side which always makes the parties. It was a very nice party at the house of an uncle where also the first family party was, that made it extra special for me. There was plenty of food as always and I danced a lot and even sang a few karaoke songs. I had to say goodbye to a few uncles and aunts already because they live for away but it was no sad event, it was a very happy event.
Over the last days I realized that I really am done with my year now. It really is over; at least my normal life. I will go to school again 2 days but I won’t receive normal classes anymore, I don’t have taekwondo classes either. These things are driving my mind crazy, it is trying to make the best of the last days; something which is going pretty well for me. I am not bored for any moment, I invite a lot of people on a lot of things; pizza, ice cream or hiring a movie I am busy all the time. If I would by sitting alone in my house these days that would mean that my year would have been a failure; something which is not that way, and something I mean so damn thankful for.
I decided not to give a goodbye party by my own; I will just let everything happen to me and life moment to moment until I leave. This Monday to Thursday I have my last trip; we are going to Sámara with some EF students so those will be a few nice days of and chilling.

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