maandag 20 mei 2013

High class weekend.

Day 310, Lunes el 20 de Mayo 2013 13:07
Surfing for da’ weekend
The school week was full of loads of fun during the ‘propagandas’ double daily events had nothing to do with politics. It was just jokes, dancing, singing, games and selling food; we took the change to sell loads of food while all the students got together. Friday was the big voting day but I was kinda suck so I missed the first part, which of course was the best. So I just voted for the party with the nicest looking flag since nobody really convinced me why they were better, most people base their votes on the games they think of.
Later this Friday Frida arrived to Orotina after a long hug we got ready to go with the bus to Jaco. Once I arrived in Jaco my life rolled into the ‘high-class’ Costa Rican life. I hopped in the convertible and the 4 by 4 big ass pick-up truck followed us with the bags. We drove to Playa Hermosa where our gated-community apartment is. There I got to hug Vali and Franz and Ruff as well; they are the friends we made in Semana Santa and Franz was an epic bro by inviting us to this epic weekend. We unpacked the bags and a mountain of quality international food and later we headed for the big ass pool at the beach. We chilled and caught up about everything in the pool listening to the waves and floating around; I love being in the water. The dinner was delicious but the fact that I was sick was working against me and I couldn’t eat a lot. We spent the night chilling on the roof and looking at the perfectly clear sky full of stars. Just chilling, dancing and talking about life.
The next day it was surfing time, after a nice international breakfast of cereal, toast and gallo pinto we got back in the convertible and drove high speed to Jaco. Being at the beach with a lot of people and cars is so much easier and relaxing as going in a small group; no worries about bags and shit (: . We surfed for about 4-5 hours straight with just some small breaks to drink something. Surfing, as always was epic. I really see some progress in my surfing skills; to bad surfing is near to impossible in The Netherlands. We picked up Henry we arrived later and headed back to the house in the afternoon to relax a bit in the pool. After an early and again delicious dinner we got ready to go to a live music bar to chill there for the evening. In this bar we met some professional surfers we were on the surfing contest earlier that day. We chilled a bit in the bar and later we went back to chill on the roof. On the roof we all fell asleep under ruff’s meditation music.
On Sunday we stayed at Playa Hermosa to chill at this huge and quiet beach. We played in the huge waves and had a great time together in the sea, later we switched the sea for the pool to switch pool for the sea again later on. We basically passed the day just chilling and after a hamburger lunch it was already time for me and Henry to go home. It was a sad goodbye, I will see Frida again in August when I am going on a holiday to Sweden but Valentina; I don’t know when I will see her again. After loads and loads of perfect hugs we hopped in the convertible for the last time and we set of to Jaco to catch our busses.
Back in Orotina the next party was already waiting, this time the goodbye party of Sarah. It was a very nice and relaxed party. We chilled a bit and I enjoyed the available Costa Rican food.  I didn’t have a lot of time with Sarah but I already have had plenty of time with Sarah in Orotina, even though it never seemed enough time. We had an emotional moment with a few small speeches. Mine was just a few sentences about our time in Orotina but it almost made my cry. Orotina will not be the same with Sarah. If you read this Sarah: TKM BBY :&%
This weekend existed o fast cars, nice food, pools and surfing. I lived a weekend like the upper class of Costa Rican. I love the fact how my life gets thrown around from one life style into another, you can spot the differences and the equalities. There is something to learn from every life style.   

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