dinsdag 21 mei 2013

A message to all the exchange students out there in the whole wide world:

Who can understand a culture shock?
Who can understand this double feeling you're feeling in the last weeks?
Who can understand having 2 families?
Who can understand platonic love?
Who can understand how it feels to build a life from nothing to leave it behind later?
Who can understand that there is no ''home'' no more because there are 2?
Who can understand double patrionism?
Who can understand the sacrifices of an exchange?
Who can understand the gains of an exchange?
Who can understand an exchange?
Who can understand...
Who can..

YOU can because you are an exchange student. 
Exchange students are a special society and sub-culture in this world. You can be proud to be part of it, because it isn't something everybody could do.
You have been very strong over the last year, you've learned thing you thought you'd never learn. 
You did amazing things, you helped people and people helped you. 
You took everything to a new limit, you found your borders and crossed them, litterly. 
You are new bicultural and a world citizin.

My exchange year is the best thing that has happened to me in my life, it wil effect my life for ever.

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