dinsdag 15 januari 2013

Heredia Cityyy

Day 185, 15th of January 2013 12:48
This weekend I got to see an other part of Costa Rica, the city of Heredia. Heredia is located a few kilometers out of San José in the central valley. It is a city for students with also a lot of international students. But I didn’t come to study, I came to spend some time with my friends.
I met up with Henry, Frida, Valentina and Valentina’s host sister at the mall of Heredia, Paseo las floras. If you enter a mall in Costa Rica you leave Costa Rica and enter a different world, because these malls don’t have any thing of the Costa Rican culture. But going there can be called an escape from reality? So we walked around this mall, shop in shop out drinking coffee and eating muffins. The toy store was the main attraction where our childhood lived up and we got to see all our old toys again, and some new weird toys kids these days apparantly use. I am happy that witg these friends I can be a little kid in the toy store again, just playing around.
After the mall it was time for walmart, another invasion from the United States. It made me think of the French supermarkets which are huge as well. We bought the stuff we needed to make sushi ( Henry is from Japan so he knows). Then we went to Valentina’s house mansion with pool and jacuzzi! There we chilled in the pool and the jacuzzi and we made the sushi which was pretty good.
I slept at Henry’s house who lives a bit more up into the mountains, we watched Criminal Minds all night with his family. The next morning we took 2 busses to get back to Vale’s house. We met some ‘gangster’ guy on the bus we talked like a gangster which was very funny, especially the part where he told us that his 1 month-old baby got ‘infections and shit’, you should have been there, seriously. It was Vale’s birthday so that had to be celebrated by chilling all day in the pool and we an amazing lunch. When Vale blew the candles on the cake we decided to do a nice tradition by smashing a few eggs on her head, always funny! While I am sitting here in my garden writing my blog and listening to Eminem I can’t stop laughing about the puppy which is so so cute and licking my toes all the time, all miss her when I go back. In the twilight we sang some birthday songs, everybody in their own language; Swedish, Swiss-German, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish. And after that we continued to sing some random songs while Henry played the guitar, that was very nice and a good memory to remember.
We made some blue pancakes with cereal and marshmallows at Henry house for dinner and watched some more Criminal Minds. The next morning we went to San José to get my bus. But first we went to the park to chill, we did the water cycles which was very cool, especially the part where found and old creepy cave on an island in the middle of the lake. Then I had to run for my bus to Orotina, I didn’t have enough money but luckily the bus driver was in a good mood and let me in.
Now I am back in Orotina, today is a rest day, and who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

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