vrijdag 22 februari 2013

la vaca negra

First of all: Thanks everybody for voting for me in the blogger competition! I reached 12th place, it's not the first, but hey! I beat 244 blogs so I am very happy!

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Dia 220, el Martes 19 de Febrero 17:56
Spontanous ice cream
Last Sunday was an easy day which felt like a ‘Costa Rican’ Sunday. In the morning I joined my hostdad to a mango farm to see his cows and to pick up some mangos. My hostdad new every mango type by seeing it just hanging there, mango knowledge is pretty normal in Orotina. The ‘Feria de las frutas’ has announced by the way: 14 to 25 of March will be the biggest fruit event of the year! I’m still not very sure what will happen since people always give vague answers when I ask them, but I’ll see.
Later in the evening I went spontaneous to Puntarenas with Sarah to get some ice cream, our first ice cream was way too expensive but nice and we couldn’t resist a second one which was way better and way cheaper; I found my favorite ice cream spot in  Puntarenas. It was nice to be with an exchange student again, I hadn’t been with one for a long time. It was nice to let all your complaints out and talk about how annoying or hard some things are, and then always ending the conversation with: ‘I love Costa Rica’.
Yesterday and today were two normal and nice days in school, I ate a lot of mangos and we now always have to go to a bakery outside the school since the school soda was closed. I was in a good mood yesterday so I invited on ‘bolies’ basically frozen syrup in a plastic bag. Something else: it is the very normal to drink from a small plastic back in Costa Rica, something which isn’t that weird actually and pretty practical.
Today was extra nice because I spotted two big groups of white-faced monkeys in the school forest where we were working. These things always make me so happy for choosing Costa Rica.
Day 223, el viernes 22 de febrero 2013 18:10
Vaca Negra
School is pretty exhausting but I’m getting used to waking up early, but sleeping early still has its difficulties, because of this I totally lost the ‘write-my-blog-everyday-mentality’ but to be honest I lost that a long time ago. This isn’t bad at all, because it mostly I’m having a wonderful time!
Last Wednesday was just a half school since my classmates had to take a test to see if they can be official tour guides, something I really want to be but can’t be because it takes 10 months to take the course, too bad. Yesterday I was free the whole because the teacher had a free day. Because I left early the day before I didn’t make any plans and my phone being crappy doesn’t help either. But it was a nice day and I spent most time chilling with my host brother which also has to be done. We made a ‘vaca negra’ which means black cow, some traditional food which is well, uhmm interesting. It is vanilla ice cream with Coca-Cola; yes, ice cream with Coca Cola; Ticos love Coca Cola. It got 1 layer of foam which tasted like Coca Cola vanilla and later it was vanilla ice cream with a little bit of Coca Cola taste and gas, ice cream with gas, that was interesting. Now the weirdest thing is that for this local tradition dish they ask about $5 dollars in the ice cream store, so we just bought ice and Coca Cola. In the night we went to a roller skating track in another village, there were just 3 other people and us but we had a good time, even with this black cow in my stomach.
Today was ‘basics’ day in school which means normal classes and no specialty, I don’t mind it at all, switching classes prevent it from getting boring and these classes we have with the other half of our class which are my friends as well, so that’s always nice as well. We kinda missed Spanish classes because we searched through all of San Mateo for food since the soda of the school hasn’t opened yet. In the afternoon we went again the San Mateo centro; well San Mateo ‘centro’ her we bought a lot of bread and Coca-Cola and we made sandwiches in class to ‘keep the concentration up’ but we spent all time shopping the stuff and making the sandwiches.
Now the weekend is ready to start, tomorrow I have to river on the schedule and on Sunday I am going to Vulcano Póas; finally I’m going to see thé biggest crater in the world!

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