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First week of school: survived!

Day 212, Monday 11 February 2013 20:40
Back to school!
I must honestly say that I didn’t sleep very well yesterday, I didn’t feel any nervousness; maybe it was the mosquitos. But going back to school was pretty cool. In the morning there was a lil’ speech from the director; who according to me needs to practice a lot on giving speeches.  Only 7 of my classmates came today, just because not everybody signed up for school yet, yes the classes already started but why sign up? Gladly 5 of the 7 were really good friends of mine so it was nice chilling with them. We first had geography for 2 hours which was simple earthquake stuff and Costa Rican’s geographic history.
After that the biology teacher didn’t show up so we went to chill in the park. I saw a lot of people again after the holidays and it was nice to see them again, these holidays really changed me, not so much the view of the world and shit but more how I am living my Costa Rican life, I am living it way more Costa Rican now with more Costa Rican friends. After lunch we had Tourism class but everybody went home because, well just because. I stayed  because I am of course the perfect student and I still had to sign up as well. I met an Australian exchange student who is in my school now as well, I spent some time with her and my tourism teacher in a classroom learning her Spanish. It was lovely to talk with her, she answered me a lot of questions and I was nice to be ‘that dude who is here so long already’.
I thought it was a nice idea to show her the school farm and camping because I was stunned when I saw it for the first time and that was when I was in the school for 1 month or something, so I thought it would be nice for her to see on the first day. On the way we found a lot of mangos which fell and the trees where well filled, too bad the mangos were too high and the ones on the ground half-eaten by iguanas. And the way back I found a star fruit tree and I picked some, they turned out not to taste so good; so it was dog food.
So it was really nice to go back to school, I feel that it is very different from the times before the holidays, I know a lot more people, I have more friends, and they became better friends. I once said to somebody: ‘it is impossible to have a normal and good conversation with a tico’; I was wrong.
Dia 216, El Viernes 15 de Febrero 2013 21:35
First school week: survived.
I have a nice cliché moment of: ‘oh-no-I-didn’t write-my-blog-for-days’; but yeah it is true, but with a good reason; I was and still am pretty damn tired! Getting back to the rhythm of waking up at 5:30, 9 hours of school and sleep at 10 was hard, so hard that I didn’t find the energy to write.
But the school week was very nice! I caught up with everybody and as I wrote in my last post, school is just different. I feel more comfortable, and I just like everything more. On Wednesday it was my hostmom’s birthday so I woke up at 4:45 to clean the kitchen (my hostmom can’t stand dirty things, so cleaning the kitchen is a huge gesture. After school I bought cake and 2 bottles of Coca-Cola, the thing my hostmom loves must after a clean house. I called an uncle and a cousin and we had a nice little barbeque in the evening, I think it was my first ‘carne asada party’ of 2013 and it was a nice one.
Furthermore we had mostly introducing classes about you are now the last year you have to be strong blah blah blah.. That made me think about the start of my last high school year, but hey that’s long-gone.
I also got a few new classmates which is always fun, our class now it Tourism with Cooking class people instead of agriculture. Always nice to get to know more people. I also made a lot of plans for the weekends coming up, so those’ll be ‘tuanis’

Dia 218, el Domingo 17 de febrero 2013 14:31
Close secrets
Waking up early got awarded again; never ever stay in bed when there’s cool stuff to do. Yesterday I went with my hostmom and a walking group for a walk over the famous Orotinian train tracks. It is a walk I’ve always wanted to do, just because walking train tracks has something special. After about 1 hour we arrived at the first station, there was a ruin of the old rock smasher and a big hole in a mountain where they mined rocks for Costa Rican industry. Half an hour later we arrived at a small abandoned train stations with a few houses in it. Mine workers lived here but when the train was cut off they lost their jobs and had to move out, now there are creepy houses full of bats. We descended a few hundred meters to get to the pool which was our final destination. It was a beautiful pool with a nice waterfall coming from a tunnel. The water was very cold but nice on such a hot day. After swimming and lunching it was time to walk back, on the way back I had a nice conversation with a women who also had an exchange student a while back. When we were back at the first station my hostmom, some guy , some women and me decided to take another route back over the mountain, we had a very nice view and it was a better road as the train tracks where you walked on rocks all the time. After 1 hour we were back at our starting point which was pretty close to the house of my friend Chino. So I decided to pop by them and there I spent a nice while chilling with Chino and his brother watching a movie and playing playstation. I always have nice conversations there over the always delicious dinner. People always told me that I am so rich and blah blah blah and I aways responded with: ‘no no we are just normal people’ but over the last months I realized that I ám rich, but I just didn’t know it myself.
I sometimes forgot that Orotina is in the mountains, and in the mountains there are always nice trails to walk, I should go for a walk more often and get the mountain bike fixed. It also made me realize that living in the mountains is pretty damn cool, we don’t have mountains in the Netherlands so that makes the change bigger, and mountains come with a lot of cool things like rivers and mountain biking! 

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