zondag 30 september 2012

Canopy, Rafting & free hugs!

Day 71, Domingo 22 septiembre 2012 22:52
Yaaay finally I did one of my favourite hobbies again! Making or baking something with chocolate! My hostmom bought a kilo chocolate chips the other day at the Primark so now we could finally make cookies! We went to the grandmothers house after I skyped with my family a little bit. There my hostmom and I made around 100 chocolate chip cookies and the family members who were there were very thankful for that! On Sundays there are always family members overthere. We ate half and the other half we took home to take to school or something. Wow, looking at the last 3 sentences I see that it has family in it 3 times, yes Costa Rica it is! Anyways it was very fun and good bonding to make cookies with my hostmom!
In the evening I went with my hostbrother to a friends house again and there we just talked, again one million questions about the Netherlands but I love to share things about my country, family and ways of living, and that’s way it’s called an exchange, because I exchange cultures.
One thing what is kind of annoying is that everybody thinks I have a lot of money, which is not that way. People always ask me to borrow or give them money or things or see me in a different way just because they think I have a lot of money, they either so me more positive or negative depending on the person. But do note my hostfamily doesn’t see me this way!
Day 72, Lunes 23 septiembre 2012 22:25
Dia libreee
waking up because of a tekst saying:’hoy no hay clases’ is the best thing to wake up to. It came on a perfeft day since I went to sleep late yesterday. I slept untill 10 ate my breakfast, posted some letters, watched television, chatted with friends helped my little brother with homework and some more stuff, an easy day!
Today at taekwondo they told me I could get the yellow belt within 6 weeks so that’s a new goal set! Furthermore I had good talks about stuff with my family and with some other exchange students.
I.Am. Happy.

day 74, miercoles 26 septiembre 2012 23:05
whoops let a day slip
yesterday I just crashed in my bed and fell asleep so I didn’t write. Its unbelieveable how much you forgot within 1 day! I didn’t do anything very special though yesterday. At Taekwondo I talked a little bit more with the guys I’m training with and they seem very nice! I guess they will be friends as well. Also there will be a Taekwon-do tournament in Orotina anytime soon, that will be cool and maybe I can participate!
About today, again I’m going to sleep way to late, tomorrow sleep early for sure! At school we made trashcans out of plastic bottles and not very much more but it was cool to actually do real recycling for the first time of my life! At home I made copies of the keys, which I guess pretty much means that I can stay here! I made iced coffee for the family and we drank that with delicious chocolates my uncle brought! Furthermore I helped my little brother with english homework, and my other brother with maths.
Also the next trip is announced, 3 days to Panamian islands! I want to go so bad, and I probably will. Just need the permission of my parents and I’m good to go! And within 2 days is the canopy trip, it will be soooooo good to see everybody again!

Day 77, sabado 29 septiembre 2012 21:32
These days were sooooo gooood!
This were just so amazing good days for so many reasons! I feel so intens happiness right now, there are hardly words for. To give you the best view of the last 2 days I will just start at the beginning and at the end, like logical.
On Wednesday I got on the idea to go this Friday to San Jose in a early bus and just discover the city with some people. I gathered some people, arranged time and places, and we were all set for the coming days!
So yesterday I took the bus at 10:20 to San José with Ruth, Yukari and Rinka. We arrived at 11:30 and with the help of an epic map I drew that morning we went to an other busstation to pick up Frida, Bea, Anna and Jess. It was so amazing good to see and hug them ago, again a moment of realisation how fast 10 weeks passed. Then again with the amazing map and my feeling for orientation we found the park where we were going the meet Valentina. So  after 20 minutes Valentina arrived and 1 more was added to the group. We went to a little shop street and went to Quiznos Sub to have lunch, do not expect it’s the same as Subway, Subway is so much better, larger and cheaper! While were eating we were just talking about everything, after 10 weeks there are just soo many stories! When we were finished we walked to an other busstation, this time in a really creepy neighbourhood to pick up Tosca, Ellie and Sarah. Then we were all back together and we went to walk a little more, we passed a construction store and there Frida and Valentina made ‘free hug’ signs. Then first we went to the hostel to put our bags away and then we went to some bigger streets and we started giving free hugs, they forced me to do it! But I actually really liked it as well, it is such a good feeling hugging everybody and giving them a good day! But after 1 hour of doing that it started raining a bit and we kept losing each other so we went into a café to have a coffee. Then at the café we got called that we should be at the hostel at 5. So we kinda had to rush while giving free hugs though. Arrived at the hostel there turned out to be nobody there and that we had still 2 hours left to do stuff, that was kinda annoying. But yeah we just stayed at the hostel and chilled and talked and more people came. In the night we ate dinner at an Italina restaurant and it was so nice to go out of dinner with just friends and no adults or daddy and mommy, so grown up! In the hostel we just took a evening walk and stayed up late just talking about everything. This day was really cool because we were in the big city all be ourselves being grown up and adult! We can be proud! Also I now know San José centrum pretty well so that I always good!
And today was also amazingly awesome! We got up around 7, I had a pancake with maple syrup breakfast and I delicous hot shower, the first real hot shower since I got here! Then we went a bus to the national park for the rafting, in the bus there was this amazing tourguide, it’s just undescribeable I laughed so much, I cried tears of lauching for the first time in Costa Rica. It was at the part he told us that Costa Ricans never eat the same, for breakfast there is Gallo Pinto, Rice, Beans and eggs mixed up. For lunch Rice, Beans and picadilly, but seperated and for dinner, Black Bean soup with rice in it, so never the same but always Rice and Beans! It was so funny because that’s exactly the way it goes in my family! Sooo funny! Then we got at the amazingly cool part of rafting! I was in a boat with Frida, Valentina, Louisa and Melina and ofcourse a crazy raftguide, is it just me or are raftguides always crazy? Anyways the rafting was really really amazing cool! There was 1 guy taking pictures and we will get those later!  The rafting it self was ju likest fast streamed water,  half waterfalls and big waves! I sat in the front so got all the big hits and a lotn of water but I loved it so bad! Just happiness deep into the heart and mind! Somewhere in the river we stopped and we could jump of a cliff. Normally I would like doubt about doing it, but now there was no doubt at all, I was going to jump of this cliff for sure! I jumped together with Louisa and it was like 5 meters and it was ofcourse delicious and amazing and awesome, I just can’t find the perfect words for it, but maybe the perfect word is perfect?
After the rafting we went all wet into the bus and drove to a place where we could change clothes and stuff. After that we went to the canopy place, I actually already was there before so that was cool, just because I could say like, I know this part of C.R.! At the canopy we were just walking to the restaurant for lunch and BAM out of nothing there was a SLOTH in a tree, o my god so clooose! It was adorable moving so slow and relaxed and just looking at us, I took a lot of photo’s and it was sooo coool to see him or her from so close, just like 2 meters away! After the sloth photoshoot session we had a nice lunch and then it was time for the canopy! We got into our fancy canopy pants and helmets and got ready! The first line was a bit small but good to start with and then they got bigger and bigger and we had to walk some pieces and we were taking photo’s and filming while canopying and stuff! The last 3 were really big like 300 meters and 45 meters above the ground! It was such a good feeling, flying through the Costa Rican jungle! It ended way to quickly anyways ofcourse! So then we sat in the bus back all being really tired and just more talking and talking!
Then we arrived at the hostel again and we had to say goodbye all ready! But it was not that bad because within 10 days we are going to PANAMA!!!! Yes 3 days at amazing islands at the carribean! I walked alone to the busstations, there I had trouble with buying a ticket and I managed to get on a bus to Jaco which passes through Orotina so I was happy and save in the bus!
I tried my best to describe these 2 days but it is so hard, I can describe the activities but not the fact that after 10 weeks we were finally reunited, best friends back together just like camp! It is so good to see everybody again, talk about all your problems and then finding out everybody has time, being able to have a good english conversation again and just the vib, the delicious internatioanl friendships. Also it was so good to talk Dutch and about Dutch things again with Tosca, just words like ‘gezelligheid’, ‘koelie joelie’ and that kind of stuff!

The most important things of thes days are that I just had a lot of fun and enjoyed it to the max, it really gives a boost to my year and how I am feeling here! I now know that these people really care and I love them! Like really feel love, not just saying 3 words without a meaning.
Peace and love, keeping your head up and enjoying life!
Pura vida!

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  1. pura vida!!!! jij leeft echt little B, ik ben zo blij voor je, stay true to yourself and share your loving self with the wolrd!!!