woensdag 3 oktober 2012

first Taekwondo fights!

Day 78, Domingo 29 septiembre 2012 21:29
Fresh Costa Rican air
I really needed a good sleep after the discovery tour and I had it! After the breakfast I just rested a little bit more in my bed watching tv and had a short skype with my sister. After lunch we went to a birthday of a little kid who is in the huge family as well. There were some family members which I didn’t meet yet and they were like we heard so much about you! Very cool! Like every birthday there was a lot of food, cola and cake. But for the first time there was a piñata as well, probably because it was a kids birthday. It was pretty cool, and when it bursted open everybody was getting candy like crazy, adults as well! They were stunned when I told them this was the first piñata of my life, so they were like we will give a party for you and you will have your own, really sweet!
We went back walking and it was such an unbelieveable got walk! The air was so fresh and there were little hot rain drops, the sun on my big and a nice fresh wind making the perfect tempreture for a walk! It made me feel very happy again, I am often happy the last days! And this will get a huge boost since I am going to Panama for sure next week!!
In the night I watched the hangover part 2 with my family, really fun in spanish as well! And I freaked out because I couldn’t watch dexter!

Day 79, Lunes 1 octubre 2012 22:00
In the morning I went to the forest which belongs to the school to search for bugs we found quite a few and a dead snake! Next week we will put them in a case behind glass and we will have our own bug-thingy! In the evening I had taekwondo practice again and this time we finally practiced the real fighting! I fought against a real good friend, Chino. Actually his name is Fabio but a lot of people are called by their race here, but in a positive way, like Chino, Negro, Rasta or Blancho. We didn’t fought like really hard because it was just practice but it was soooo cool! we had a pretty even fight, I know he is much better as me but I didn’t say anything like: ‘hey why didn’t you do all you could?’ and why should I? it’s a nice gesture of him and I appreciate that!
Day 80, el Martes 2 octubre 2012 21:49
know who to trust.
I have been way to  nice and good believing to my old hostfamily. Until today I kept telling myself that they are good people. But right now they crossed the line, all of them. To understand this I have to tell something I didn’t wrote on my blog before. My old hostfamily stole about $80 from me, and I am pretty sure it was my little host brother, as well I borrowed around $60 to me former hostdad. I didn’t say this before because I wanted to ‘protect’ them, after all it was just this kid stealing my money. And my ex-hostdad kept saying I would get the money back.
But today, my IEC called them and now they say I am a lier, I never borrowed them money and this kid stealing my money is impossible. This is just so weird, I trusted that guy he has always been nice to me and I always believed he would give me my money back. But this, this is just such a backstabbing action, so weird. I have been used just for my money, and now they denie everything! I just have no good words for it, I told nobody the real reason why I changed, but now, now I probably will! This is such a low life scumbag action!
About today, it was a really hot and long day in school. But the good thing of the day was ofcourse Taekwon-do! We practiced again with real fighting and now I fought against a much older guy, like 40 years old. He wasn’t that good and I actually really owned him. A kicked him 2 times to the ground and he gave up. First I felt like bad, but then everybody was clapping for me and this guy was really good about it, it’s just part of the sport!

Day 81, miercoles 3 octuber 2012 22:07
In school we made more trashcans out of plastic bottles, like last week. It’s good to recycle and I already changed a lot on this aspect I think, referring to the protections of animals and the nature. I already thought back in the Netherlands that this would happen to me. I don’t pollute, waste water or electricity. An other change I made is that I don’t hate that much anymore, or dislike. I was always judging about a lot of things to quickly, now I don’t, this led to good and bad things.
More about today, I went home after the morning classes to make a bank deposit, this took a lot of time, first I had the wrong bank number, then I had o go take out colones, after this buy dollars and make the deposit. Something, that didn’t change yet, I’m  still very chaotic!
In the afternoon I took a siesta, no idea if they call it siesta here anyway though. I like it a lot, a was all wet because of the rain, and tired so I hopped in my bed and slept for a few hours, delicious. When I woke up again I walked to the kitchen with my sleepy head and there were some teachers talking, friends of my hostmom. Somethings never change. 

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