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Day 84, el sabado 6 octubre 2012 10:05
2 day report
Yesterday and the day before i was pretty tired so didn’t write anything on my blog, so now I’ll do for it those days. Thursday was a long day in school with a lot of classes, and I was annoyed by some classmates, they weren’t annoying to me but just sooo immature, and I came here to become more mature. But I’m glad I found some goodfriends who are mature. On Friday at only had classes in the morning, so Skyped with my mom in the afternoon. Furthermore I went jogging, and I played soccer for the first time with my hostbro and some of it’s friends, I hope they will become my friends as well so I know more people around here. In the night again Taekwondo and nothing special more.
This morning I woke up at 7 because my hostmom had to leave and she always makes breakfast, that’s just the culture here but imma ask if she can teach me how to. I went back to sleep and woke up at 9:00 again to help in the garden.
Right now I’m looking for a house to sleep next Sunday since my host family has to go to the graduation party of my hostbro. I hope when I find somebody I can go there for the whole weekend!

Day 84, el sabado 6 octubre 2012 21:44
Weekend > weekdays
Yes, this is clear, weekends are way more fun as the weekdays! The weekdays are sometimes very long in school, and I don’t have time to do anything after school, except for Taekwondo that rocks on weekdays! But yes, evenings are different here, after 6 it is dark, and when it is dark it is dangerous. Going out alone is not advised. And because we sleep early that isn’t such profitable in time anyways.
About today, I woke up at 7 because my hostmom had to get her hair done at some place and because she is the mom she cooks, that’s the culture. It actually was one of my problem points in my old family, but now it is not, guess I adapted to that! Will be hard re-adapting though when I get back home, prepare yourselves! (Nah it will be okey, tranquillo.) I went to sleep a bit more, and woke up again to do some work in the garden. In the afternoon we first went to eat lunch at my grandmothers, she was kinda ill but better now! My uncle Miguel was there, and he brought me a huge bag of chocolates the take to Panama! These chocolates are delicious! We ate vegetarian food, and went back home. From here we went to somebody for my little brother, he had to do a interview with a good sporter from this area. We went to the 17 year old Costa Rican Taekwondo champion, who as well did well on the Pan-American championship. So cool that he lives here, and just 17 years old! As well there was his brother, a bit older he plays in the Orotina Futsalla team, who won the national cup 2 weeks ago!! It was very nice to meet them! Also I played a bit of PES with them, people play Xbox and Playstation here exactly the same, with a lot of screaming and fighting :D!
After this we went back to grandmothers for some coffee, I served them some nice cappuchino’s! something people don’t have here are espresso machines, kinda miss those.. but hey, the coffee is amazing without it anyways! Now a other uncle, Helor arrived as well. With my hostdad and these other uncles I talked about food, women and we made plans for the summer, we are going to go to the beach a lot, rivers, sea fishing and searching for gold in rivers! They re very very nice, can’t wait till the summer comes! As well I will be going to Helors amazing house up in the mountains with a niece to prepare a nice dinner! I really like uncles!
Something totally different which I wanted to write on my blog since a lot of time, the stuff with time here is completely different! Time is the same ofcourse, there are 12 hours on a clock and 24 in a day. Here the night begins at 18:00 ( 6 P.M.) I didn’t reallt expected this when I was back in The Netherlands, I expected the spanish culture where it is afternoon till 21:00. And as well, if you have a meeting at 3 o’clock it will be at 3:15 at it earliest, the bus of 11:20 leaves after 11:30 and stuff like that. But the most confusing is the following, there are 3 words for now, and later. Ahora, ahorita ( actually just the smal version of ahora) and ya. Ya is the one which actually gets closest the NOW we know. Ahora means now but more like, now is in, I don’t know there are no words for it in Dutch or English. Ahorita mostly means like in 5 minutes, are just  a little bit of time but they also use it as right now.. I’m getting used to those, and I’m using it in my advance so that’s all okey.
On the speaking Spanish, it has almost been 3 months here, and my goal was speaking spanish in 3 months. The past 2 weeks I have been studying the past time and now I know that one, it is pretty complicated! I ofcourse do not speak fully spanish, but I can join in conversations about everything and barely have to look up words anymore! I will be studying a bit more some days on vocabulary and some other stuff and then it will be all okey!

Da8 86, el lunes 8 octubre 2012 8:08
First step to fame
I decided to write in the morning on freedays,  since I almost always go sleep late on these days. So here is the story about yesterday:
I went to Desmonte with my niece, in Desmonte, which is high in the mounains lives my uncle Helor. We stopped by a supermarket to buy all our stuff needed for the day, which included, nachos, blackbean dressing (very good one!!) coca cola, and some more stuff. First we ate lunch, after that we ate the nachos and then it was time to cook! We made a fire outside, and put a big bowl on the of the fire, oldskool! Then we cut some herbs from the garden, sliced the meat. And I was ready to make Chicharrones , really really good tipical food. After making and eating those we made cooked bananas in the same pan / bowl. I don’t like these, they just don’t have taste. Then we wanted a dessert, so back to the supermarket to buy stuff for a cake. We made 2 cakes, 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate spread some ‘leche dulce caramal’ on 1 put the other and top and here we are, a double layered chocolate, vanilla caramal cake! Yes, still love this hobby!
About the part of me being famous. This morning I got an e-mail which said if I wanted to join in a radio program called ‘de wereld van Filemon’  (The world of Filemon) Filemon is a famous and very cool presentator in the Netherlands, in this program he asks Dutchies all around the world about the culture that they are living in. I hope I will get into this!

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