zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Surfing 'n' Shopping!

Dia 91, el sabado 13 octubre 2012 21:11
‘El Puerto’
I went to ‘el puerto’ today, but first I’ll write about yesterday since I didn’t write yesterday. I didn’t have to go to school because I was so tired.
About this culture day thingy, it was at my hostbrothers school, but more if the primary school part, where my little brother goes. All grades had their own country and represented those. My lil hostbro had Congo and they had all this African clothe and presentations. It was nice. I felt a bit sad that my school didn’t do anything because I would have loved to tell them about The Netherlands and our culture, that way I would get less questions as well :’) I do like getting these questions though. After this I watched Dexter and The Netherlands soccergame at home, it felt so good to watch a game of them again, my family didn’t watch with me because my hostbro had to study and my parents to work, I hope I will watch a game with them sometime because it’s a big part of my culture! Also I went to the photography store to get the underwater pictures done, can’t wait to get those! And while I was there I also went to the pet shop next door and I’m thinking about buying myself some baby turtles!
In the night I get picked up by Rebeca, my new IEC and we picked Ruth to change her family. Her new family gave a welcome BBQ and we watched the Costa Rica – El Salvador game, Costa Rica won! So that means we are in the last round to get into the world championships, I really hope they make it and that CR will be playing against the Netherlands because we are always fighting we is better! This BBQ was really nice, my first BBQ here and it is completely the same! I got home at like 11 so went to sleep directly since 11 is pretty late.
Sooo about today, I got up around 8 had breakfast, got ready and went to the busstop. The busride took about 1,5 hour and I spent my time by talking to some other people in the bus and the busdriver. I went to a place called ‘El Roble’ there lives a friend and it is really close to Puntarenas, in Costa Rican slang Puntarenas is called ‘El puerto’ – the harbor. I went to see ‘el roble’ and her house. Here we drank a iced coffee and took a bus to Puntarenas city. First we went to all cool stores, most were surfer stores with nice and very cheap stores, I didn’t buy any clothes though. Then we walked on the Boulevard where are other, more tourist orientated shops, with bracelets and anckle bracelets, they are really popular here. I bought the movie ‘Ted’ for €1,50 a turtle made out of shells for €0,80 and a nice watch for €3, It all is really cheap! I have no idea where they get there prices from here, somethings are so expensive, others so cheap. Furthermore we walked on the beach, ate ice cream and drank more milkshakes and iced coffees, they just so damn good here! I swam a bit but the sea wasn’t that nice.
Overall I had an other amazing day here in Costa Ricaaaa!

Day 92, el Domingo 14 octubre 2012 21:4
3 months in Costa Ricaa! =D
A big smiley face, that is what my first 3 months in Costa Rica deserve! I planned to write a big story today about my first 3 months but I rescheduled that to next week, to make it a first 100 days story. When I did my first 50 days story I thought about doing my 100 day story, but that is all for next week!
Today I went again to Desmonte to my Uncle Geylor, not Helor as I wrote before. I love it there, everything is so fresh and clean, to air the nature it all is so nice! Also you can see the sea from there, which is like 50 kilometres away! They say that from vulcano Irazu you could see both of the seas, that would be unbelieveable!
If I go to Desmone, which I do almost every weekend I eat and cook a lot, so I did today again. First I ate delicious rice and some mixed vegatables with deepcooked platanos, good but not that amazing, they are still vegetables. Later the better stuff came, I made a pancake pie, with hot chocolate fudge sauce and helped my uncle with Chicharrones. Both were delicious and very much admired by the others! Furthermore we watched the film ‘Ted’ which I bought yesterday.
It was a nice and easy day here in Costa Rica!

Day 93, el lunes 15 octubre 2012 21:49
Wohoo finally surfed for the first time!! I don’t know why I waited 3 months to go surfing, I live close to surf paradise so that’s weird.. but I finally did it!
We went on a little trip with my new IEC to Jaco, here Romeyn, Henry and I rented a surfboard, just $10 a day so it is very cheap. First I failed really hurt and kinda gave up, but later I tried again and things were better, the waves were great and had a few good things, I planned to go again soon!
Over the last 2 weeks I met up with my exchange student friends a lot, and I’m pretty sure I will be doing that more often from now on, we do a lot of fun stuff together and they are amazing people, too bad that some of my best friends live so far though… L
Tomorrow I have to go to school again after this wonderful week of holiday!

Dia 94, el martes 16 octubre 2012 20:57
Kinda bad day.
Going to school again after around 10 days of being free was hard. I was extremely tired and we had all our morning classes for the first time, we even had music class! After lunch I had a chemistry exam and I went pretty well!
After the exam I went home because I had to go to the pharmacy to get my vaccination, but the vaccination didn’t arrive yet. Also I wanted them to check out my back since there is a weird and nasty spot on it and I want to know what it is. I’ll probably go with somebody from EF to a skin specialist to check out. I still am in Costa Rica and it is a tropical country with weird bugs so it might be anything. But please do not worry about me, it doesn’t hurt or irritate, I’m just going to be sure.
So I just went home to sleep a little, later I helped my lil bro with his English homework, which was pretty tiring as well. And later Taekwondo classes, since I was feeling a bit bad or sad for no specific reason I trained really hard and that helped, I’m actually feeling way better now.
I read or heard once that it is very normal to feel bad, sad or weird for no specific reason while on an exchange year, so I’ll just have a good sleep and I’ll how it is tomorrow!

Day 96, el Jeuves 18 octubre 2012 9:19
Vaccination? Check!
Good morning, my dear blogreaders  from The Netherlands, Costa Rica and the U.S.A. yes I wonder who is reading my blog from U.S.A though since over the last month 500 the 1100 pageviews are from the U.S.A. I feel flattered though!
Yesterday was I funny day in school, next week there’s an open day of the school and we have to promote our specialty, tourism. We are going to make a beach with animals and stuff. So we spent all day making turtles, crabs and octopuses and painting those in realistic and unrealistic colors, it was nice even though I suck in these things.
After school I went to the pharmacy to get my last vaccination, it went exactly the same as in The Netherlands, the nurse talks to me about random stuff, gives the injection and I keep talking and pretending I didn’t notice she already started. This was actually one of the things I was afraid for when I was back in The Netherlands, getting a vaccination in a poorer and tropical country, well yesterday I wasn’t scared about that anymore, so I lost those ideas! Also it was different because of the fact that this vaccination was specially sent to Orotina for me!
When I got home again, and yes I am writing home, because that’s how it feels now, still not a 100% Turfmarkt 106 will always be my first home, but who says you cant have 2? Anyways, when I got home I watched Harry Potter 7 part 2, beautiful movie such a big part of my youth, and of the youth of millions of other kids.
Today I am ill at home, I’m not feeling that well because of the vaccination yesterday.
Same day, 22:30
Just what I needed.
It was a good day, I slept very well, I slept un till 11:30 or something and after that I felt way better. I watched a movie on my laptop and just lied down in my bed, thinking about stuff, the whole experience so far, and about all kind of stuff. After the movie I went to my restaurant, I hadn’t been there for ages so it was kinda good to be back. I checked some things on the internet, and I read an email from the Dutch radio that I got accepted into their program! Very cool!! Later Ruth came as well and we talked a bit, Frida called and we talked as well. Later I helped my hostmother with cooking and we talked about all kind of stuff. The Dinner was very nice and we ate all together, which doesn’t happen that often. It all felt good.
This all was just what I needed, a good sleep, a good movie, an easy day doing nothing, time to think, good conversations with friends and quality time with family.
Day 97, vrijdag 20 oktober 22:00
Today was a better day after a few a bit sad days. I enjoyed school, first we had a tourism exam which went well and later, we did some stuff for the openday which included cutting, gluing and painting. But I mostly enjoyed spending the time with my friends by talking and joking.
After school I was I bit bored, so I checked my photos from camp, what an amazing week has that been, a week to never forget. Later I watched some television with my hostmom, and ate dinner with the whole family, they asked questions about The Netherlands, I answered them, it is important to keep in mind that it is an cultural exchange, that means that I also have to share my culture, so I did today and that always makes me feel good!

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