donderdag 15 november 2012

I'm lazy

Day 122, el Martes 13 de Noviembre 2012 12:31
A pat on the shoulder.
It is weird how quickly your mood can change. This weekend I was so happy but then yesterday and today I feel a bit sad, without any real reason. I still am happy, but I just don’t feel it. Maybe it is because I’m just tired, or maybe because I miss traditional things with my friends at home, I don’t know. What I do know is that I will be over soon. In the weekend for sure, but probably earlier. Also it is way easier to see bad things over the good things.  
I slept in the afternoon while it was raining, one of the most delicious things to do! I woke up thinking it was Wednesday, it still is Tuesday so I kind of won myself a few hours, and here in Costa Rica every hour counts. Taekwondo was cool, I fit well in the group now and I see the other people there as my friends. The teacher as well is very nice, him giving me a pat on the shoulder can change your mood from kind of sad back to happy. Also he told me that I can go for an exam soon! Now I’m practicing English with my little hostbrother, we have been doing this all day. He has an English presentation tomorrow; I think this is one of the best ways I can help out.
Day 124, el Jeuves 15 de Noviembre 2012 16:46
Holidays, so closeee
I’m getting really lazy, I didn’t have any classes this week because my tourism teacher isn’t here and on exam days there are no exams neither. Fortunately that didn’t result in my being bored at home. Yesterday I was free all day and I chilled at Ruth’s house, we cooked something watched a movie, just chilling.
Today I did go to school; there were 2 exams, Spanish and English, the best and the worst. Sometimes I don’t like days like this and sometimes I do. I enter school at 7 and the first exam is at 9:10, the second exam is at 2:10 so there is a total of 5 hours waiting time. This drove me crazy on Tuesday, but today I liked it. It is just the tiny difference of enjoying your classmates’ craziness or being annoyed by it, sometimes I just have to have a different point of view. Something which is really important is taking initiative yourself instead of waiting on your classmates to talk to you.  

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