dinsdag 27 november 2012

Isla tortuga!

Day 133, el Sabado 24 de Noviembre 10:22
Isla Tortuga!
I can proudly say that I have been in of the paradise places our lovely earth has, Isla Tortuga. There aren´t turtles on this island though, its name comes from its shape, it looks like a turtle.
The trip to paradise started on Thursday, a normal school day. I made math exam and then take a bus to Esparza. I met up with Henry, who is leaving back to New-Zealand in 2 weeks.. So we need to chill a lot these days. We went to Puntarenas, and just chilled at the beach drinking smoothies and stuff. I went to my IEC’s house back in Esparza for dinner and to sleep. I’m very happy with my new IEC; she’s really nice and cool.
The next morning we went back to the park to meet with the others, we went with one of those over popular mini-busses, honestly Costa Ricans are addicted to those. We drove to the harbor of Puntarenas and got on our boat. We had to wait 45 minutes for some other people to arrive, a group of middle aged beer and Smirnoff drinking Costa Rican women. The boat trip itself was beautiful as well, we saw dolphins within 5 minutes and they were jumping on front of our boat, we were pretty lucky! We came past all of these beautiful islands with abandoned beaches; I will buy one of these islands one day, maybe when we’re old. The boat was supplied with some nice party music including Gan nmam style and Party Rock that made the trip even cooler. We stopped after 1 hour to do some snorkeling; there were beautiful fish in all colors and sizes, too bad that I got stung by a jellyfish after 15 minutes…
Then we arrived at the island, a small beach with a lot of palms, white sand, blue clear water and some cabins. We got some tables under some trees with a mini kitchen included. The staff made the fruits ready while we explored our little beach. After some photos and a bit of swimming we rested with the fruits, while eating the fruits we got a better fruity idea: Banana boat! Some guy took is with the banana boat, and to be honest: he is the worst banana boat driver ever. Because he was so bad we decided to make the fun ourselves and started jumping of the banana boat, doing Gan Nmam style on the banana boat and wrestling on the banana boat, the banana boat guy didn’t like that though, but: Pura Vida!
After the banana boat it was lunch time, we had some delicious fish with a salad. There were marshmallows with ‘leche condensada’; they eat so much leche condensada here that it’s horrible. It practically is just syrup like milk with a lot of sugar. We heard to there was a snake on the island which you could put around your neck and stuff, we couldn’t find it but we did find the souvenir ship which sold nice and way to expensive souvenirs. Also there were a few tropical birds, we just chilled with them a while. We spent the last 2 hours sunning on the beach and swimming a bit. At 3 o’clock it unfortunately already was time to leave the island, but the good part was that we had the beautiful boat ride again.
I took the bus from Puntarenas to Orotina together with Yukari, the Japanese girl who lives her as well. I never really talked with here so this bus ride was a good thing; I asked here a lot of questions about Japan, got to go there some day. The bus ride itself was relativity long and to full. There was an old guy screaming at the bus driver all to time to hurry up and stuff, that was pretty funny.
I did go to Taekwondo in the evening, just because I love it so much. It was a big change though, from lying and the beach to kicking around.
This morning I learned some cooking things, I learned how to make Gallo Pinto and I made a delicious soup for lunch.

Day 134, el Domingo 25 de noviembre 2012 20:31
Relaxing & partying
It was such a chill day yesterday, I loved it. I woke up around 9 ate some breakfast and then just lied and my bed and chilled. After lunch I made the tour for my parents for when they come here, that’ll be awesome as well! Then in the afternoon I slept deliciously in the hammock for a few hours, Pura Vida.
I went to Ruth’s birthday party in the evening; it actually wasn’t really a party but more like a dinner. It was Ruth, Sarah, Lea, Jadeli, Ruth’s host parents and me. We ate delicious and just chatted, in Spanish of course, it is so cool that we now speak Spanish between exchange students as well. We went to the park for a bit to pick up some more people. When we returned Ruth’s parents put up the piñata I bought and the cake was ready. Piñata are so much fun! Everybody just goes back to their little kid’s time, (well actually just the boys but still) we were all crawling over the floor grabbing candy, lovely part of the culture. Then we ate the cake, with of course Coca-Cola, people here are addicted to cola, they’ll buy a bottle for every little thing; it is always like: ‘coca coca! Yo amo el coca!’ We went back to the park after all these birthday thingies, just to chill. We waited there till 12 to sing ‘happy birthday’ to Ruth. Some idiot threw a ¼ dynamite pretty close to us; crazy homeless guy spends his begged money on fireworks, stupid. They sell fireworks here during the whole year and people really don’t know how to handle it.
Today was a bit busier day, I went to Ruth’s house in the morning to pick up my bike, but she wasn’t there, or still sleeping. This country really misses the phenomenon called a doorbell, the people here just scream somebody’s name at the door, but I don’t really feel like doing that, just because. A read somebody’s blog about an exchange student in The Netherlands, she wrote the next: ‘The Dutch always say: ‘het is gewoon zo’ (it just is that way)’ and that is so true, I really live by these words. About living by words, the magical words ‘Pura ‘Vida’       -the slogan of Costa Rica- didn’t really get me yet. If I say them it always is a bit forced. But Pura Vida isn’t just saying the words, it is a lifestyle. And this is one of the reasons I choose Costa Rica, so I should learn more about and from this life style, to complete my goals.
Anyways, I liked the walking though. I walked through a regular Costa Rican neighborhood, colored houses, some corner stores and chickens walking on the unpaved street. Seeing that, always remembers me of being in a third world country, along with the poor people, the infinite happiness and the way people think of me. A got picked up by my host dad halfway while walking back. We went to the farm of an uncle with 2 other uncles. We fed the cows, picked mangos, lemons, oranges and star fruit and went back, I love getting a bit of this love here during my exchange. I quickly ate back home and I took a bus to Desmonte, to my uncle. I am so happy that I besides having a really nice host family also have really nice relatives. We just eat, laugh, and watch movies over there. These moments there are really important to me, I’m always so happy when I’m there, I’m always happy actually, but when being there I am extra happy. I forgot my camera, but sometimes it is good not to take pictures, if you spend all your time taking pictures then you don’t enjoy the moment. Sometimes it is better to just take a memory; memories are way more precious as pictures, just a memory for yourself, a story to be told one day.

Day 135, el Lunes 26 de Noviembre 2012 21:58
The River!
Yes! I finally went to the cool river I wrote about. I started the day being very bored, I feeling kind of down because of that. But then I called Daniela to go to the river, so we went. The river is at 4 esquinas, my old neighborhood. Her we met up, and from there we went to Daniela’s house. The river is practically in her backyard, we just had to walk like 400 meters down. I saw a beautiful bird while walking down; to bad I didn’t bring my camera.
The river was in one word amazing, in the middle of a forest there was this small river with rocks and trees on both sides softly flowing through the forest. There was a rope hanging from one of the trees, and something which could be called a pebble beach. We first made a fire on this pebble beach to make some food, I loved it to make fire again. After this little pick nick it was time to swim! I climbed up into this tree, grabbed the rope and swung like Tarzan into the river. After a few times we started doing tricks and stuff from this rope, it was awesome. We spotted one nasty and huge spider on one of the rocks, again to bad I didn’t bring my camera.
I got my Taekwondo suit in the evening, now I feel like an epic Korean warrior dude, only I black belt is missing, but I’ll have it one day. 

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