dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Fruit partiesss & some other stuff.

Dia 243, el Jueves 14 de Marzo 9:01
I got two lives.

243 days, is that the time to got a new life? A fully adapted life, speaking a different language and living in a different culture? For me it is. A life consists of a family, friends, more friends, different friends, a culture a rythym and everything you do being normal. The last 2,5 month has been the quickest passing time in my life, it’s undescribeable. And in the meanwhile I still have a life in The Netherlands; my first life. Having this means that I will always be missing people, places and cultures. Missing things is something sad of course, but it means that you have something valuable and I can be happy knowing that. Three months ago my sister asked me if I will miss my Costa Rican friends; I said no. This is totally different now; I will miss my friends so much, not even getting started about the exchange student friends. There is no more sitting bored at home; it is always chilling in the park, chilling before and after Taekwondo practice mountain biking, going to the river or the pool, even better: the beach. Life is just so frigging good right now! And I am so happy!

Dia 248 el martes 19 de Marzo 2013 7:41
Doctor, a bit of Europe and (fruit) partyyyy

Ufff, I finally found some time to write this good ol’ blog of mine. The truth is I have the time because I’m in school now. I just finished a Spanish exam, it wasn’t that hard, if I would’ve studied I might would’ve got a good note, but yeah If I would have. Now, let me tell about the last days.

Last week on Thursday I went to San José with to go to a doctor’s appointment. We got off the bus in the park to take a walk to the park, and there, there my heart stopped for a moment. My wallet wasn’t in my pocket anymore, luckily my brain is pretty experienced in these situation so I directly called to my house to ask for the number of an aunt who was sitting in front of me, but nobody had that. Taxi to the bus station, and there it was my wallet lying on my seat, everybody could see it. It was weird how relaxed I stayed under this situation, even though I had 200 dollars and all my documents in it; it must be the fact that it happened for the 1784th time and I just take the things how they come, good or bad.

So after the little wallet accident Sarah and I took a bus to Escazu, which is called to Europe of Costa Rica. It’s a suburb of San José where all the rich people live. We went to some shopping avenue to visit to one and only Starbucks of Costa Rica. It was epic to be in a Starbucks again, because yeah I frigging love it. For the interested people: I took a triple shot café mocha with mint syrup with a toffee blondie (o-my-god so delicious). So we spent about 1 hour in the Starbucks, it was an epic Starbucks including English speaking people and Blond hipsters with macs. We walked over the avenue thinking about all the people here who are the ‘1%’ of Costa Rica.  We also stopped at the Lego-store, fuck yeah! Lego is my childhood in a nutshell, and I got so happy being a real Lego-store! After getting declined into the Pricemart we took a bus back to San José and got picked up for the doctor’s appointment. Apparently the bump on my back was coming back and the doctor gave me a small treatment and medicine.

When I came back I ate something real quick and went to the ‘Feria de las frutas’ to meet up my hostbro. This Feria is the big event of Orotina, for 2 weeks long there will be attractions like bumping carts and shit, bull fights, a lot of food, bars, discos and fruit stands, a lot of fruit stands. I only went for a little while because I was pretty tired from the whole day in San José but it was nice getting to know it all.

Friday I didn’t have school so I slept pretty late, cleaned to house and went to the park to meet up with Sarah. We walked around a bit, chilled around and in the evening we went to the Feria again with her and her host brothers.

Saturday was another nice day, in the afternoon there was a ‘tope’ an event of about 500 horses and 1 buffalo walking through the streets of Orotina. When there’s an event to in Orotina the park fills up, the water and fresco selling kids come out of all corners as well as the sate selling guys, by the way they don’t eat sate with peanut sauce her, they’re missing something in life. So this tope wasn’t thát interesting actually, I spent the afternoon with some friends from school watching this thing and a performance of some very fat very guy Mexican singer who sang pretty good and was hella funny.
In the night I went to the Feria again with a friend. We went into all the attractions like the pirate ship and stuff. Something I had never seen in the Netherlands was the ‘tagado’, a circle formed thing with benches on the side on the inside. People sat on the benches or stand in the center while this thing spins around on bumps up and down, no security nothing ‘enter on own risk’ well I did and it was hella funny. As well some time was spent in the bumping carts and that of course is an ‘exito’ as well. We spent some more time walking around and talking on the feria and around 1 it was time to go home.

Sunday the parties continued of course with this day an epic and crazy concert. I went again with some friend, but different friend from last time.  It was crazy alternative Spanish music with first some guy who must be Gotye’s (somebody that used to knooowwww) twin but than on a lot of drugs. He gave a pretty nice show and the around 100 people who showed up had a nice time going crazy to his crazy music. Later another group came with less crazy people but even crazier music. It was an epic concerts and just going pretty crazy for 5 hours. In the night I didn’t go, it’s so nasty from the schools to do the exams so no nobody can go with me to the parties, but yeah I used to free night in a good way, to watch a movie (‘into the wild’ it’s pretty impressive) and I slept late again because I didn’t have any school.

I used to free day good as well; I cleaned to house, cook lunch, went on a small date, had some friends over for coffee, took a nap, went running and in the night I went to the feria again with a friend and I met 2 new friends over there.

Today it’s back to school and I’ll probably end up on the feria again tonight!

Peace, Pura Vida & Love!

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