dinsdag 2 april 2013

Semana Santa

Day 260, March 31, 2013 19:40
Semana Santa

Semana Santa; the holy week. This week wasn’t that holy, but it was epic, let’s say that again: EPIC. Even though I’ve had loads of epic moments, days and weeks but this week is without doubt the best of all, and that’s a lot to say if you know what I’ve done here.

I could describe all of it, every day a nice and detailed report. I could write about the beautiful beaches I went to, camping with my Japanese brawh Henry in a tiny tent, about the parties, the concerts, surfing, smoothies, ice cream, reggae, hitchhiking and tons of more stuff. But I don’t it’s just too much to tell, and words won’t be able to describe how it was.

If I would write everything I won’t have any stories to tell when I’ll be home, and to be honest I am too tired to write now. I stood up 7 hours in a bus, waited 2 hours more for another one and then sat 1 hour. I had a delicious dinner when I got home but I will miss the Mexican food at Don Brasilitos as well.

I did miss out at a big cultural thing of Costa Rica, but my host family said that it wasn’t that special and that I should enjoy weeks like this by travelling. And the next two weeks will bring more travels as well. Oh, by the way I suck in uploading photos on my blog, so just check facebook, I spend my time better these days.

I also was disconnected to the world for one week, no internet and I lost my phone; it was great. No worries, no needs. On the way back in the bus I had plenty of time to think and I have to face it: This is the beginning of the end. My exchange year is ending, it is almost over. Before I know it I’ll be in The Netherlands. Worse: I got my flight information. For all the interested people: 7th of June 10:00 at Schiphol Airport. I’ll have a few hours stop in Miami: beach, beach, party, party.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back with a normal report soon!

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