zondag 21 april 2013

Easy Time

Day 281, el domingo 21 de abril 2013 11:13
Just school, surfing and an tranquillo weekend.

A relaxed weekend makes this easy and normal school week complete. The only ‘special’ thing I did was going to the beach with Sarah to go surfing on Friday, gotta love Costa Rican school if you know what I mean. On our way to Jaco there was an accident right on front of us, so it took very long to get to the beach, I think it is around the 10th traffic accident I saw her in Costa Rica, way more as in my whole Dutch life. Surfing was fun but the sea was very strong and irregular which made it very hard. Later while eating ice cream I made a list with Sarah about things we dislike about Costa Rica / Ticos, don’t get us wrong, we love Costa Rica, making this list was more ‘vasilando’ but I let you know that we reached 106 and still counting.

The school week was relaxed a spent almost every afternoon drinking smoothies with Sarah and sometimes other people, smoothie = life. I will miss those smoothie stores some much in The Netherlands, especially because here there opens a new one every 2 weeks; so much fun. On Wednesday we went to the university of Puntarenas to an open day. First it was fun listening to the sometimes horrible presentations but after 2 hours in the heat of ‘el puerto’ it got a bit too much, luckily we went to the boulevard in the afternoon. At the boulevard we ate ice cream, a granizado and chilled on the peer.

This weekend is just ‘tranquillo a la casa’, yesterday we cleaned the house and I helped my little brother with English; something I do about 10 hours a week these days. Today I skyped with my parents, they are coming in 10 days and it is going to be so damn epic! We are going on a super cool tour I planned and well yeah, I’m going to see my parents after 291 days!

It’s very nice to have some easy time again, I have been at of the house a lot and that is tiring, for the first time in weeks I feel like a slept enough. And it is also good to be more with my family now, something I maybe have forgotten the last weeks.   

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