woensdag 3 april 2013

got some rest :)

Day 263, El Miercoles 3 de abril 2013 20:27
Some easier days

After this epic holiday I got some days to relax and get back to the normal life. Monday was a normal school da but extremely tiring, spend all classes talking about the semana santa, and when I arrived at home I helped my lil’ bro a bit with his English homework.  I slept at 8 because of this extreme tiredness.

Tuesday I needed some more rest so I chilled all day with Julio in the library sending some e-mails, checking facebook and 9gag and I also spoke with my mom about our trip. My parents are coming in 25 days now, it is so so little! I will be seeing them for the first time in 9 months by time. I am extremely excited for our trip; we are going to Southern Costa Rica where the pearl of Costa Rica lies: Penisula de Osa. I the evening I brought up the energy to go to Taekwondo and as well to stay up to late talking to people.

Because I stayed up late I had to pay a price to next morning which was getting up early. I imagined no having classes while eating my gallo pinto and turns out what when I arrive at school: no classes. I had to wait 2 hours until to next bus though and in Orotina I did some shopping for the trip coming up tomorrow.

I am very excited the trip tomorrow, we are going to Bahía Ballena, whale bay. The name has a double meaning, first: there are a lot of whales in the right season, second: it has a one-of-a-kind beach in the form of a whale tail. But some complications showed up and it turns out that I have to go to San José tomorrow for some visa stuff. But I did some googling and I’ll hop on a bus to the border with Panama but jump off in Uvita.

Next time will be about the trip!

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