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Big cities

Dia 271 el Jueves 11 de abril 2013
Batalla de Rivas

Today is another national holiday in Costa Rica. Unfortunately I spent the whole day being bored at home. We are going back to winter so yesterday it rained pretty hard so it was impossible to go to the river. The beach wasn´t possible either because most people have to study for the exams, and other people simply don´t have money to go out. So I´m lying on my bed for the last hours listening to the 100 best songs of the 00´s.

Last Monday we had a photo shoot at school for the graduation that was funny and the other school days were normal. There is a taekwondo tournament coming up so I went running and I´ll be training more the coming days.

I´m hoping to go to Cartago this weekend to visit Henry and chill with some friends we made during the holidays.

Day 275 el lunes 15 de abril 2013 21:05
Cartago &  Heredia

Saturday I got into the bus to San José not really knowing where I was going or what was going to happen, but that is Tico-style, and so totally normal for me. I had a nice cookie, donut and muffin breakfast with Sarah in Musmanni in San José and later we walked through San José center to the Cartago bus station.

The plan was to go with Henry and some friends we made to a creepy psycho hospital near volcano Irazu, but there appeared a problem so there was a slight change of plans. I went to the famous Basilica with Sarah and we waited for Henry to come. Wit Henry we walked around Cartago city. Cartago is the nicest city in Costa Rica; it has the most culture of all ‘big’ cities in Costa Rica and a nice climate. We went to a cool park in the middle of the city within some ruins and chilled there for a while. After a smoothie in of the thousands of smoothie stores there are all over Costa Rica, I will miss those so much. Drinking smoothies became part of my daily life, I life on smoothies some days, they are so damn good! Since we were in the big city we had the possibility to go to Taco Bell and that opportunity should not be left untaken.

In the afternoon we took a taxi (paid be EF, aw yeah) to Heredia to Valentina her crib. Here we were invited to stay the night in the mansion and we spend the rest of the afternoon and the evening chilling in the pool and Jacuzzi. For dinner we were pleased with nice European food (macaroni in Swiss cheese sauce :3) and in the night we watched Harry Potter and we ate Swiss chocolate, so good to have all this European things again! Breakfast was even better with real European bread and something like Nutella but with crunch and shit, so epic. Also there were fresh fruits, jam and orange cake; I was in breakfast heaven.

The day spent in the pool and the lunch was a delicious coconut / mango curry. Then we took a taxi (EF paid again, so that’s probably where all our money goes) to Orotina. In Orotina I had coffee and a tortilla at an aunt’s house. We watched ‘el Classico’ between L.D.A. and Saprissa, the best two clubs of Costa Rica. A very very far away cousin plays with the L.D.A. and wanted to fight with the arbitry after the match, that was kinda funny watching with the whole family especially when he said ‘carapicha’ (Dickface) on national television.

Today was a long and tiring day and it was extremely hot, when it is so hot you get so sleepy and tired; hard to stay awake.

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