maandag 29 april 2013

A nice week and my second TKD tournament.

Day 289, el Lunes 29 de abril 2013 9:40

A nice school week  and another TKD tournament.

 I owe you guys a nice post, because I honestly were just too lazy to write these days. Now I found some time, lying in my bed after I good night of sleep. My big toe hurts, and both upper arms, but about that later in the post.

The school week was normal and nice, I had a lot of fun in classes and the breaks and I never felt more part of the life here. Everyday something or someone gets added to my Costa Rican life, and every day my Costa Rican life gets shorter. You could say that it isn’t fair, working so hard building up your life and having to let everything behind. Could you say that an exchange is a ‘beautiful lie with an ugly truth’? In some way yes.

Friday was celebrated with pizza by 2 classmates and me in my house. I don’t do that much with my classmates so it was very nice, and I like pizza.
During the week I went almost every day to the park, something which I’ve been doing the last weeks actually, just drinking smoothies in the park. Mostly with Sarah but also with other friends, and maybe on an occasional date.
Saturday was cleaning the house day and today as well actually, my parents are coming tomorrow (!!) so the house must be 110% clean! Clean houses is a big thing in the latin culture, something which can drive the ‘cochino extranjeros’ crazy.
So yesterday was another cool day, not because of an cool trip or a nice day on the beach, no it was because of a cool fight. I woke up early and 5 friends, the TKD teacher and I went in the car to San José to the biggest gym of Costa Rica for a national championship of taekwondo. It was very nice to see all the fights and some people were so good. I had to wait 8 hours before my fight started so by that time I was pretty tired of doing nothing (so weird getting tired of doing nothing), but a good warming up woke me up. I was in the pool of 74-78 kilo, yellow belt and year 1993. Because there was nobody of my age and weight I got tossed in with the twenty year olds; more challenge, more fun. My first fight was with a pretty big guy, I was taller but way skinnier but I feared nothing and went in the fight with full power. Within 20 seconds I was facing a 4-0 loss; the guy used simple kicks to score fast points and didn’t give me the space I needed to kick. I wanted to knock him out so I didn’t use to simple kicks or the spinning kicks, I didn’t have enough confidence in those. I kicked him in the face 2 times and made him fall multiple times but he didn’t want to give up. He kept doing the same kicks and we defense was failing. In the end I lost with 15 to 8. I didn’t feel bad about it, I gave all I had and the other guy was better; it was a nice fight. I did hurt to guy a lot while he didn’t hurt me at all so that says something as well. And secretly I am very happy that I didn’t get hurt badly, because that would destroy my trip with my parents.
So tomorrow my parents are coming and that is going to be A to the W E S O M E. I will pick them up from the airport and show them around in Orotina. I am so happy to see them again; it is 290 days since I have seen them for the last time! And I can show them my life and my country; Costa Rica.

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