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just another week in Costa Rica

Dia 233, el Lunes 4 de Marzo 2013 20:44

Last Sunday was relaxed, lunch at one grandmother and coffee at the other one. In the evening I watched the opening ceremony of the Central American Games which are hold in Costa Rica this year. It was a nice ceremony, and it being in Costa Rica makes it even more special. There was some typical dancing, costumes, the athletes walking around, pretty much like the olympic opening ceremony but a bit smaller and less cool; of course. Something which bothered me is that before the ceremony even started there was about 5 minutes of commercials in the form of huge 3D-holograms on the field; Costa Rica is always full of commercials, they probabaly got that from The States. After the show the roof from the stadium caught fire because of firework rests, nobody got hurt so I can safely say that that’s funny!

This Monday was well, a Monday. But I will have a total of 47 Mondays in Costa Rica and actually I don’t mind them that much, and a lot of people would do a lot for 47 days in Costa Rica; especially if they would all be Mondays. This is kind of the part where I need to balance  living the normal life and  day I’ll go with the second. 

So the day went by the following schedule:e

5:05 first alarm clock
5:15 second alarm clock
5:30  third alarm clock
5:37 getting out of bed
5:40 shower still occupied, better pack my bags already or something
5:50 shower free, get in there!
5:57 cold shower finished
6:00 putting school uniform on
6:10  rice , beans and egg breakfast
6:22  brushing teeth and getting ready
6:33  walking to school bus
6:45 schoolbus to school
6:55 meeting classmates and using WiFi of school
7:00 buying lunch ticket
7:10  going to first class; spanish
8:20 first break, better buy some coffee and a sandwhich at the soda
8:50 second class; geography, drawning maps agáin…
9:02 most ugly map every done, talking with classmates about the weekend
9:50 another break, resist not to buy food
10:05 Math classes, suddenly got sad about everything and nothing with any reason, missing    my house, my friends and my family. Didn’t feel like doing maths at all.
10:15 What the Fuck? This never happens to me, why am I so sad?
10:30 willing to go home and sleep, ride my bike and be alone, drowning in thoughts.
11:10 lunch break; suddenly not sad anymore, not at all. Totally got over it, so happy I didn’t go home!
11:25 lunch time: rice, beans and potatoes. The rice and beans were delicious, the potatoes horrible.Kept talking with friends after lunch at the table about random shit.
11:50 washing plates
12:00 brushing teeth again, entertaining a classmate by dancing to trompete music which someone is playing outside the bathrooms while we are brushing our teeth.
12:10 biology class; I love this teacher she’s always nice and funny and writes inspiring sentences on the black board every day. Today’s was: now is a good moment to start being happy.
13:20 another break; ice-cream time
14:10 Civica; the first time of the year, with a new teacher. He looked pretty scary at the beginning being all serious teacher and stuff, he started off with some bad jokes but turned out to be nice after  a while.
15:00 again Geograpy, I don’t really like this teacher, she comes from a private school and treats us that way, which means we have to work.
15:40 psychology class; super epic! I love this class, the class doesn’t have any structure yet but I love the way of thinking of the teacher and I love talking with him.
16:20 school ended, waiting for school bus
16:33 schoolbus arrived
16:50 back home and leaving directly to the center, bought ice-cream for my host mother and brother, and for my self. Also bought marmelade for on bread and picked up my bike from the bike shop.
17:00 sitting in the garden with hostmom and little hostbrother eating ice cream and talking.
18:05 getting ready for taekwondo practice
18:30 going to taekwondo
20:12 arrived from taekwondo, and going to the shower
20:20 beansoup with rice and a cooked egg for dinner.
20:40 getting ready to write blog.

This is pretty much a normal Monday for me, except for the part of sudden sadness and homesickness that almost never happens, but it just hits you when you least expect it. It can be because of somebody making a comment, thát girl not saying ‘hi’ or what ever, it can be anything; I’ve heard of people getting incredibly sad of campfires, as I said it can be anything.

Dia 237, el Viernes 8 de Marzo 21:30
When you can go to the beach, GO!

This week was a bit more unusual as last week, and the unusual is always more fun! It started Wednesday, I got out of school early so I decided to go ride my bike. I rode across all kind of little roads around Orotina which mostly passed by mango farms; always mango farms. It was very nice just to be alone for a while looking at the beauty of Costa Rica and Orotina it self.

Yesterday we went with a few classmates to a classmate’s house in Jesus Maria some village half an hour with bus away. She lives in a very tipical house with a big garden filled with mango trees, there were mangos all over the place. At this time of your there are mangos every where, every where you go you’ll see mangos on the floor, just thrown away, fallen from the trees, and I’m not talking about 4-5 mangos on the floor; no, hundreds!

We first ate some green mango and chatted a while later a delicious lunch was served of Arroz con pollo with the best mashed beans I’ve ever tasted! There also was an delicious chimi-churri and potatoe chips, served with well, you can guess: Coca Cola.
After the lunch we went for a little walk to a big field where there used to be Watermelons. It was extremly windy and we just walked around the field taking photos and having fun. We arrived at the corner of the field and there was a ruined tree hut which probably was somebodies house someday, we used it for photos.

When we came back we ate delicious orange flavour pancakes and I spotted some monkeys, and they were like: ahh, monkeys nothing special; I went to take photos. They also had 2 baby  parrots and they were so so incredebily cute and sweet I hugged them cautionly.

Back in Orotina I met Sarah in the park and we chilled a while in the park. In the night we went to a ‘fraternidad’ an event from the evangelic church where people tell how god changed their lives. There where some insperational stories which gave me a view inside the lives of other people but the part where god helped was kinda vague and me not being religious always makes it kinda awkward. After the event we stood in a circle and everybody said what they needed from god. Instead of asking something from god I thanked the people who helped me in Costa Rica and I hoped that they’ll get the same help and treatment as I got. I still have to think good about god and Jesus and religious stuff, just to figure out what I exactly believe and think.

Today also was an spontaneous day! I had classes until 9 so I called Sarah to go the beach and at 10 we where on the bus on our way to Jaco. We spent the day tanning and playing in the waves. We mostly chatted about the ticos and Costa Rica. An example of something in Costa Rica what drives me crazy: Ticos take to much precautions and worry to much, it just takes to risk and thay way some of the fun out of the life, and sometimes it’s just straight annoying. Did you know that if you come from a bus you can’t eat for 1 hour because if you do that you want have stomach problems later, yeah right? I am then I’ll have stomach problems so what; that still is and will always be a cultural difference. We also passed the souvenirs stores,in one epic but expensive store there was this annoying guy who just didn’t stop talking English while we where speaking Spanish. When I’m in a tourist places I always prefer talking Spanish so the people wont think I’m a stupid Gringo.

Day 240, el lunes 11 de Marzo 2013
W to the eekend!

Who doesn´t love the weekend? And especially when you’re in Costa Rica! Saturday I took the bus early toSan José and met there up with Frida! We went to a nice restaurant to have a good breakfast in a pretty European restaurant; always good to see Frida again! <3. We weren’t really sure what to do but we decided after some doubting to go to Heredia to a Japanse festival there. After a quick busride we met Valentina and Henry at the Japanese festival, so we were all united again. It was so crazy that it is TWO months ago that we saw each other in Heredia, like SIXTY days it seems like yesterday that we were jumping into Valentina’s pool!

The Japanese festival was fun but not like o-my-god fun, there were some stands with Japanese food which was nice and some stands with Anime, Dragonball-z and Pokémon. There were also some sport demonstrations like Sumo, Karate and some eic sword fighting, that was cool to see. Also there were some Bonzai trees which were tuanis as well, but what most mattered is that I got to spent some time with Frida, Vali and Henry again! We ate lunch in an Arabic restaurant where I had some Kebab for the first time in 8 months again which was extremly nice, somehow we always end up eating, always. The busride from Orotina back to San José was pretty horrible since I had to stand for 2 hours and didn’t feel so well after all the food. When I got home there was a small family BBQ so that made me feel better and it was fun, I even ate some carne asada.

On Sunday I went with my hostmom and Sara for a walk over the chompipe, some hilltop around Orotina. It is beautiful walking there, there are amazing villas and you have an amazing view. You can see all the way towards the see, over the gulf and the penisulo of Nicoya. To bad the best viewing point was occupied, but it was occupied but frigging Proffesional Skates with a huge ass half sphere on top of the hill shooting a Commercial for some energy drink, top secret and super serious. It was epic to see it and I got to take some nice pictures of that! About pictures, when I have nothing to do someday which is almost never these day then I wil upload some on my blog!

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