dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Busy weekend, and a music festival!

                                      Day 43, Domingo 26 agosto 2012 20:35
Beach, party & roadtrip weekend.
Pfeeewh it felt so wrong not to write for 3 days, first I was reallt tired and later my adapter was broken, but I’m back! A lot happened last 3 days, I’ll start with Friday.
On Friday I was free of school, so I could sleep long. Later I went to Orotina with my hostdad, we walked around Orotina a little bit.  I bought a ball and some other stuff I needed. Later I went to the restaurant where it was free cappuchino day! Buy one, and get one for free. There I drank a few cappuchino´s talked with my barista friend and skyped with Frida. Later in the day I went running with Ruth to Dixie´s house again, just to show Ruth where it is.  Friday night wasn’t that exciting, my classmates didn’t want to go rollerskating, but we go next Friday J.
Saturday was a way more exciting day, I went with my hostdad to Jaco, the beachcity to do some stuff, and also ofcourse to go to the beach. It’s so lovely to swim in the waves, but it also made me realise that I really have to find a swimming team! Later on the day I met 6 friends of the exchange program, it was really really good to see them again! I spent some quality time with them. I couldn’t stay that long with them because there was a party waiting at home. When I got home there was no party yet, but 2 hours later there was. It was an ‘El Clasico’ viewing party, Liga vs. Saprissa, most people were Saprissa but I’m Liga! It ended in an exciting 2-2. The party contineud till 2:30 and most people stayed over to sleep here, so the house was crowded.
On Sunday I had a meeting with all the students in my area, but only half showed up. But again it was really good to see my friends again. Takeisha and her family invited me to go with them to some village. The village was pretty far away so we made a little roadtrip and stopped some times at interesting places. This roadtrip was really cool because all the time when you look out of the window you see rainforest everywhere, and with the clouds it looked even better. It the village there was a huge traditional Costa Rican, cart which are always hand-painted and stuff, it was cool. And on our way back we ate at Taco Bell :D they really have to bring the restaurant to the Netherlands!
Right now we are watching the Voice of Mexico, like every Sunday and later we will watch a movie, I feel good now!

                                  Day 44, Monday 27 augustus 2012 22:00
Music Festival!
Today I went with school to a music festival in Alejeula were some of my classmates had to perform. They made really cool music, everything kind of expermimental. We didn’t win the first round which was just instrumental. During the break we went to KFC and the school paid J. The second round, with singing was even better, but we didn’t win again. Everybody was kind of sad because we didn’t win but I enjoyed it anyway!

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