vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

First time San Jose, soccer and more!

                                         Day 45, martes 28 agosto 2012 21:40
My first exam, 100% score!
Tuesdays are not my very days in school, here that means that they are nice though. I had religion for the first time, yes after 6 weeks in this school I have had religion for the first time, I didn’t have gymnastics yet as well. But religion, the subject I thought I would least like is pretty cool. We did all these games to makes us feel better, like everybody had to write something on a paper on your back, and you have to write on theirs and later you read what people wrote about you, I liked it J also because my classmates wrote cool things J.
Furthermore Tuesday is a lot of waiting because there’s so much time in between the classes, but I always get hungry while waiting, but I can keep control of my eating habitits pretty good. Also I made an exam today, social studies.. I was really bad at it. But at english I get my exam back, I got all the points, and 100% score so I had a little moment of fame, but the level of english is not so high here.
In the evening I watched soccer, my team LIGA plays for the central american champions league. Here there is every day a soccer matxch and they are really good in making comercial for it. But also the there’s a lot of comercial during the game, like the commentator saying: GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL ‘mac donalds’ GOLAZA DE LIGA, FANTASTICOO!
Also I searched for a waterpolo team today, I found some pretty close to my village, like 1 hour with bus if a bus goes there, so now I only have to get in contact with them.
Tomorrow I go to San José with all the dutchies to do something at the ambassade, but it’s especially cool to be with just dutch people again and to talk dutch!

                                     Day 46, miercoles 29 agosto 2012 22:28
San Joseeeee
Yeaaa today I went to San José for the first time, besides camp, and just driving through. I took an early bus and at San José Carolina from EF picked me up and all the other dutchies already were there. It was pretty weird to speak dutch again! We drove to th ambassede and there we filled out 1 form and then we were done. But we didn’t want to go home directly so we went to Carolina’s house and drank some starfruit juice and talked about the exchange and stuff, it was good to talk to somebody from EF in english, so I totally understand and be able to say everything.
After this we went to a little mall with a supermarket where you could buy international stuff, they sold Nutella but I didn’t buy it since it was €4,50 for 300 grams.  After this we had to go home but we didn’t really want to because it was so early and we were in San José. So Romeyn and I walked through San José a little bit but there was not so much to do. So after some searching we found the bus back. Saturday I will go to Puntarenas so I had 3 major cities in 1 week, that’s cool!
In the evening I played soccer on a syntetic field, cinqo – cinqo again, I really love it, tomorrow we play again.  

I also realised the last couple of weeks how expensive Costa Rica is! This is not what I expected, so here’s a little list of expensive things:
·         Cereal: €4 for 1 pack
·         Normal white bread:  €4 kilo
·         Mobile phones: Iphone: €800, other smartphones a little less, the cheap phones which can’t do a lot are still €100
·         All other electronics as well
·         Shampoo €8-12 for a bottle
·         Deoderant €4 for 1 bottle

But ofcourse there is also a lot of cheap things:
·         Coffee, €10 for a kilo, this is the best supermarket coffee, not whole beans.
·         Oreo’s!
·         All fruit, especially in Orotina.
·         Cigarettes €2 for a pack of 20 cigarettes, but I don’t smoke, so for me not important J
·         The barbershop, or whatever the name is for the people who cut your hair, is only €3 but I found a free spot!

                                         Day 47, Jeuves 30 agosto 2012 22:33
Today at school I had spanish exam and maths exam, both went really bad. Furthermore I helped in the schoolcantine by making the sandwiches for that day. Yes that I what you do here in school, helping without getting anything for it, something which will not happen often in Dutch schools I think.
Also I spoke my tourism teacher and she told me that next week we have a project, for tourism. For me it is that I can work 1 week at Carrara national park. I don’t know what this work will be but it is so cool that I can work there! I do have to take the bus at 6 every morning. This evening I played soccer again, it didn'play that good but I did make 3 goals.

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