donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Jungle hiking!

Martes 7 agusto 2012 19:49
National Park Braulio Carrera
Today and yesterday I went on a fieldtrip with school to an amazing national park close to the coast of the carribean, Parque Nacional Braulio Carrera.
On Monday I got op at 4 o’clock in the morning because the bus left at 5 from the school. I got there good on time at 5 but because Costa Ricans have a totally different sense of time we left at 5:30 and stopped by my house to pick up somebody else. After 2,5-3 hours of driving across nice bumpy Costa Rican roads with sometimes amazing views we got at the park. First there was this small centrum were me made a a little hike for 1 hour, but we didn’t see a lot except for some spiders and the river.

After this hike the bus continued to the main event of the day, the aerial tram. After a introduction video we got into these little carts hanging on a cable and made a ride for like 1 hour, it was cool but not that amazing, but I made some nice pictures from it. Then it was lunchtime, we had lunch at a small cabin somewhere around the area, there were 3 old women and 1 old women cooking rice and beans, very cosy and stuff real Costa Rican I think. The boss women told about the cabin, recycling and biological food, also she showed her big garden with maripozariums (butterfly gardens) which are very popular here in Costa Rica. After playing some soccer (I’m getting better!) we got to the hostel. The hostel was a biological centrum and everything was biological. We had a nice dinner, some WiFi time, the first hot shower in 3 weeks ,but didn’t sleep that late either because we got up at 4.

The next day we got op at 5:30 had a big and good breakfast and started an amazing 3 hour hike through the rainforest, this hike was way better we had an good tourguide and went to amazing places. I saw on the tour: Monkeys, Sloth, Spiders, a Hog, crazy frogs and furthermore I saw a lot of birds, bugs and plants I will post most of the pictures on Facebook. During the hike we walked the an openspot in the  jungle with a house in it, the house was all broken down and stuff but the spot was beautiful, with a nice house it would’ve been a little piece of paradise.
After this hike we had nice spaghetti lunch at the bio centre and we waited un till we left. On our way back home we stopped by one of the biggest malls in Costa Rica. We searched for a place to get food for 30 minutes, then we found at the food plaza was yet to be built but half finished. After I ate 30cm sub from subway I was miraclely still hungry and got Taco Bell for the first time in my life which was very nice!
Because the tourism teacher now is tired from the trip we don’t have school tomorrow, so I can sleep long J.

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