zondag 5 augustus 2012

                      Lunes 30 juli 21:07
2 days, 1 writing
Yesterday I didn’t wrote anything, I was to tired of the weekend and had to get up very early today for school.
But yesterday was a very good day in a different way as other good days. I finally skyped with my mother and my brother and with a friend from waterpolo. Every week I will be going to the same restaurant to upload my blog, check facebook and skype with some people. That restaurant will be my hotspot!
Yesterday I spent the day with sitting in the restaurant for quite long and walking around Orotina with Ruth, we spoke about a lot of very important things it felt so good, I’m glad to have such a good best friend here in Costa Rica, makes a lot of things way easier.
Today was my first day of school, school is REALLY different, I don’t know if its just my school but I have 2 days of real classes and 3 days of turismo, classes and project about tourism all day. Today was all day tourism. I did a presentation about the metamorphosis of a frog, in Spanish! In the tourism class is half of my real class, the other half has agro-culture and there’s a sort of ‘competition’ between agro-culture and tourism about which is best. Next week I go on a other fieldtrip, this time with the tourism class to Limon, the carribean of Costa Rica,(there were heavy floadings there yesterday)! We are going to a national park and we go see stuff about recycling, in which my school already is very good. Also there will be a trip to Guanacaste, the province with the best beaches in October and I will be going to Guanacaste and Isle Tortuga (pirates of the carribean!) with my IEC and some other EF’ers.
Today I ate Rice & beans 3 times and I kinda like it now! It Is just getting used to it and then it is quite good. Also my family spoke about the fact that the police here sells marihuana and is kinda corrupt and that in the school 100 metres away from my house got broken in last night, that’s kinda scary!
Now I go sleep again, tomorrow I need to get up at 5:30 again, which will be my waking up time for the coming year… yeah change really is hard, but it really is good aswell.

Martes 31 julio 2012 21:48
Today was not that special, but it was good! At school I have no idea what is happening but apparently after biologica there were no more classes because, before neither because there were no teacher I think. So we went to play soccer in a indoor soccer field. I was lucky that I brought some sport clothes because I should’ve played soccer in the afternoon anyways. The soccer was great, we played 6 against 6. I think I played quite nice, I made 3 goals but especially had a lot of fun with my classmates. But it do was hella hot. After soccer we had lunch at school and after that I went home.
I went to Orotina later with the good thought of going to the gym but I brought my laptop aswell because I had to sent some e-mails and stuff. While walking to Orotina the moesson bursted lose. It was rain like I have never seen before, after 5 minutes there were small rivers floading through the streets and from the roofs there were waterfalls coming down, it was amazing and awesome, to bad I arrived soaked at the restaurant. At the restaurant I met Ruth and we drank coffee had lunch and I used the internet for both important things and fun things like Facebook, also I changed my blog to blogspot, because I think it is way better. Later we went to the park to see if there were sloths, which my tourism teacher told me but there were not, only in the dry season a very nice guy told us which we met at the park. We talked with this guy for like 40 minutes, that was cool. In the evening I went to a house nearby with my little host bro, and there they have really good internet!
I eat here almost no more meat, that’s a good thing, but I do miss it! Now I’m going to sleep, tomorrow I got a soccer match (cinqo cinqo) with my big brothers team, and we must win. I hope I can play with them every week, that would be cool!

Mercielos 1 agusto 2012 22:37
A regular day?
I think today was my first regular day, that’s nice because with regular days I can create a rhythm for myself and start living a normal live here in Costa Rica.
In the morning I woke up and every time I wake up I don’t know where I am. My hostmom starts talking Spanish to me and without concentration I don’t understand I thing, I only heard ‘late’ and ‘taxi’ I figured out I was late and had to go with taxi to school. I rushed to whole morning and when I was finished I had 20 minutes left before the bus left, wicked. At school not much happened. Went home at 4 watched some Olympic games.
In the evening I had a soccer match with my big brother, cinqo-cinqo. It was very cool and I’m actually not that bad! I can play with them every week! Furthermore I spent all day planning a trip to the beach with other students for the next day because there’s no school. It was a lot of work and I ended up not being allowed to go myself. So tomorrow I don’t know what’s gonna happen I hope I will do something with my           Me playing soccer! (golazo!)                                                               family.


Jueves 2 agusto 21:21
The black virgin of Cartago day
Today I didn’t had college because there was some sort of holiday, the day that the black virgin of Cartago was discovered I think. I wanted to go to the beach but I didn’t have permission, that was a pity but because of that I could sleep long. Sleeping long didn’t really work out because the neighbours have chickens and the male chickens who does kukelekuuuuuu forgot the English name of that.. also there were lemons falling on the roof and that made a lot of sound as well.  I had some very weird dreams tonight, 1 of them was about me being able to change into a alligator, chasing my neighbour Arnoud and a very good friend Emma while I was being chased by the cops and my waterpolo team, very weird.. I guess what the meaning of the dream is. My other dream, was more important. I dreamed that I was back in Holland after 5 weeks and my exchange had ended, me and my mom figured out only 5 weeks passed and not 1 year, I wondered why I was sent back, called EF and wanted to come back to Costa Rica. When I woke I realised I was still in Costa Rica, I was very very happy I was still here. I think this dream really had a meaning and made me think of my time here.
That was night time, during the day nothing really happened I went to Orotina at 1 P.M. which gets pretty normal now because I come in oro pretty much. I wanted to bring my latop but my waterbottle was leaking in my bag and my laptop got a little wet aswell so I brought my laptop back home to let it dry. In Orotina I practiced a little Spanish with Ruth, ate some oreo’s drank a smoothie and watched people in the park. Also I had my first encounter with the Costa Rican police, we were playing with a ball in the park which wasn’t allowed, so the police told us not to +1 for the police.
Tomorrow I only have class in the morning so I arranged a soccer game in the afternoon. I figured out that I’m actually not that bad at soccer, because of my length I can make a lot of headers and also people don’t expect my long legs which helps me to get the ball a lot, my shots are still rubbish though.

3 agusto 2012 20:56
Second moesson, soaked again..
Today I had school till 11 because the teachers had some kind of meeting, our teacher was tutoring other students so we sat outside for 3,5 hours until we could enter the classroom, when we entered we didn’t do anything.
During the loads of free time I discovered the school has its own maripozarium (butterfly garden) and a RAINFOREST there are a few tracks running through it, I took 1 for a while and it was very very nice. Also I saw some more buildings which I didn’t visit but I will later. This school seems more like a private school to me as an public one. At 2 I had to wait 3 hours until I was going to play soccer with some guys from the 6th grade so I went to the main chilling spot, laid down in the sun and fell lovely a sleep, I wasn’t the only one. At 2 therwe was thunder and silence before the storm and it was going to rain for sure so no soccer.
I went to the busstop and when I arrived the rain broke loose, I could see the gutters changing into wild streams of water, I love that! After half an hour waiting I figured out my wallet was still at school so I had to walk 300 metres back, which caused me to be complety soaked with water. A friend of mine found my wallet and kept it safe, very nice! At school the dean told me I could ride with him to my house. At my house I quickly grapped some money and went to Orotina in order to find to gym. At Orotina I accidently walked into Ruth who was running. I bought some food because I was reaaally hungry and after 2 breads I was kinda satisfied. She searched with me for the gym but eventually a classmate pointed us out, and I was closed. Ruth and I went to a fruitshop and bought some nice mango’s which we ate at the entrance of a nice hotel. After that a walked home and chilled a little bit with my bro and his friends.

22:35 Sabado 4 agusto 2012
La fiesta de Santa Domingo
Today was another Costa Rican holiday, the day of the holy Sunday I think even though it is Saturday.. not very important anyways.
I slept long, till 10 a.m. that’s pretty long here because without an alarm you wake up at 8 because of the heat. I had a delicious pancake breakfast. I picked lemons from the garden and made some delicious lemonade. During the day I watched some Olympics and didn’t really do anything, I wanted to swim in the rivers but because it rained yesterday I was to wild.
At 4 I went to Orotina to check out the festival which my family said there would be. It was kinda lame in the beginning so I called my family that they didn’t have to come, I was like to party scout.. I met up with  Ruth and when to a pandaria for some food. The festival was at the church and there were like 5-6 food stands but only 20 people. Ruth made me go into the church so we sat the whole miss until 18:15 I thought I was horrible because I had to pretend I was Christian because doing nothing would be rude as well, I even give some money when they come with the money bags which I think is very very wrong because people come to church to seek help or something and then they have to pay, that’s kinda weird I think but I don’t know all about since it was my first time I really went to church. After the miss ended I went to the pandaria again because the church made me hungry, because it was after 6 I could pick 2 things and pay only 0,80 euro’s! I ate a lot because I took the 2 biggest things and ate 1 of Ruths as well.
In the park we met some former exchange students who returned to Orotina for a holiday, and 1 new exchange student and his host brother and sister. The seven of us went back to the festival and I was pretty cool actually, now there were like 200-250 people and they were dancing to the band and stuff and eating traditional Costa Rican food, the only thing is that the average age was between 45 and 50 so it wasn’t that interesting. After 1 hour we went to the park and chilled there, we could still hear the music. The Norwegian student told us he had seen a sloth as well so tomorrow I’m definitely gonna look for it again! I went home pretty early because I forgot my key and I didn’t want to sleep outside^^.
It was a fun second Saturday night and I made some new friends!

This was the blog for this week, next week a new one!
But for now: buenas noches en tot ziens!

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